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We’re lame!

Or not. I don’t know. How can we be sure? Even though the premise seems like a set-up for easy present-bashing in favor of a twisted nostalgia for a period when new music was, you know, good, I’m looking forward to reading Simon Reynolds’ recent book, Retromania. Part of the blurb on Amazon makes it […]

Having a baby changes everything

“Not having kids is making aging confusing.” This was a friend’s status update. It jolted me to read it. In fact, I’m not sure how he intended it, but it took me back immediately to this documentary I watched in grad school, Daddy & Papa, about gay couples adopting kids. Now, I’ve never wanted kids. […]

Travel summery pt.3: Paris nouveau

‘Architectural porn,’ is a phrase that might best describe the Bibliothèque Nationale de France – François Mitterrand. We made the trek on a cloudy day to see a Richard Prince show called “American Prayer.” When I finally thought that I had a handle on the enormous exterior of the complex I went inside; I was equally impressed […]

Under the mask

I remember the exact moment when I knew I was an adult. I was looking down at a scrap of paper someone had dropped on the floor. I could hear my mother’s voice in my head. As kids we just walked over things – trash, shoes, backpacks – and my mother would harangue us with incredulous […]

Sudden recollections

Late summer is a fraught micro-season for the traps of nostalgia. This evening, while out for a run, I passed a guy mowing a large lawn on a corner lot, and I was almost completely distracted by the fumes of the gasoline mower engine and the intense odors of freshly cut grass. I was lucky […]


After a great night out with my new colleagues, I just accidentally drunk-dialed my mom, after a stressful weekend with said mom. What do you say?

Vegas Monday night

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Have you ever been there on a Monday night, to go out to dinner with your in-laws at the seafood buffet at the Rio? After which you went to see Zumanity, a super-sexy Cirque du Soleil show that your parents bought you tickets for, and which is awesome […]

Travel summery pt.2: Las Vegas

Farrell and Trixie's Endless Summer Mix

Like I promised a few weeks back, here is the summer mix (basically a strongly edited mix of songs we have encountered and loved since springtime). And a tracklist too: 1.) Robyn – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (Coldplay cover) 2.) Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory 3.) Katy Perry – Last Friday Night […]

Why is the media

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