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I am sad Amy Winehouse is dead

I am sad Amy Winehouse is dead. I said this to a coworker on Monday morning. He said, “People die of addiction every day, why should her death be any sadder than anyone else’s.” He responded quickly, as if he had thought about it. Throughout the week I have heard bits and pieces of conversation. […]

another suggestion of growing up in

post-boomer america, and everything we missed.  From Ronald Reagan to johnny depp.

My ten favorite things of summer 2011–so far

I hope all yuz How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Phase One are having a great summer. Here are a few of my favorite things: 1.) Old Bay Seasoned Potato Chips 2.) The Book of Mormon, the musical. And especially this song “I Believe” (Although “Turn it off” and “Hello” (and half a dozen […]

Unexpected love

Grad school, they tell you, is the wire mesh mother. At best, they say, it’s the wire mesh mother. In Harry Harlow‘s experiments on baby rhesus monkeys, you recall, that was the one that never promised love. The little baby monkeys preferred the cloth mother doll, even if she was cold, or offered no food. […]

Is your house famous?

An excellent and easy-to-use mashup from Box Office Quant pinpoints the locations where scenes from more than a thousand movies were shot. How else would I have ever known that a scene from Jaws II was filmed mere miles from where I grew up? Or that the slumber party scene in Grease, one of my […]

Youthful irony

Sorry for the late post.  I haven’t had a chance to go through all of my Shore photos, so I’ll leave you with this little gem, a phone-shot of one of our incredibly gracious hosts and an all around cool dude… (His parents would prefer that his name not be used, so please refrain from […]

I usually don’t love impressions, but…

These “Jimpressions” are rather spectacular.

Some nice fiction

Everyday Genius.


  The second image was taken after an extreme spring storm in D.C.  As we face a heat index of 115 degrees today, it seems weather patterns have changed dramatically due to climate change. The third image is me in a Zipcar queuing at the monthly toxic waste collection event at Fort Totten to dispose […]


What if there’s no song of the summer? Where’s Farrell when you need him?