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Bloomsday wanderings

June 16 is a day of celebration and extreme geekery for modernist lit types everywhere, but nowhere more so than Dublin, which is so explicitly and accurately mapped in Joyce’s Ulysses that if you care about it at all, it’s still possible (required, even) to trace the exact path its antiheroic protagonist Leopold Bloom walks […]

Same place next year

Very nice ghostly images. Via The Modesto Kid.

What is best in life?

The canonical answer. For the rest of us, it is a bit more complex. I worried about this question almost constantly when I was a child. Should I strive for intellectual grandeur? Should I try to get political or physical power over others? Should I find someone who loves me in return, or just try […]

Bryan Waterman. Television. Marquee Moon. His book. It's finally here!

I got something amazing in the mail yesterday. I can't remember the last time I read the Prelude to a book and felt so completely captivated by the writing that I wanted to devour the rest of the book standing in my kitchen–at midnight. And it's BW's book! It's so engrossing. Two years after being […]

Yea or Nay?

1. Fingertoe shoes: Orthopedically sensational invention that cool people wear? Or fashion disaster?   2. X-Men: Moving allegory for discrimination in our nation’s history? Or goofy comic-book franchise?   3. Anthony Weiner: Resign? Or stay?   4. Lance Armstrong: Doper? Or unfairly maligned champion? 5. Edible gift for Father’s Day? Or… a tie?:  

Monday photo: courtesy of T. Wager

Inside the box

Sidewalk trees have a hard life in the city.  Drought, dogs, car doors, pedestrians, construction, along with storms and disease. But we need them and love them.  They provide shade, they absorb carbon monoxide, they soak up stormwater runoff.  And, they are beautiful and green and natural and do something good to our souls. So, […]

Yet another high-water mark

It may have been because I hadn’t slept well the night before, but a couple of days ago, while I was riding the subway to work, a newspaper article about state parks almost brought tears to my eyes. And not near-tears of joy, or of wistful memories of childhood trips. The article just made me […]

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