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Thursday Playlist

Good morning! Is It Possible To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back After A Year Here are three of my latest enthusiams: 1.) This essay, “You blow my mind. Hey Mickey!” from the NYT magazine two weeks ago. It's written by a former stoner Dad taking his kids to Disneyworld for the first time. He's really […]

mom, sister, cousin “sue”, “chadwick”, “kipper”, nippy and me.

                                        one of my friends in high school once looked at my sister and said “wow, she’s gorgeous.”  she really was!

At the neighborhood car wash

Living in LA, you never know what you’ll see. Specifically, you never know what weird celebrity moment you might have on any given day. At my local car wash in DC, the most interesting thing you’d see was the occasional black Lincoln towncar used to ferry some congressman around. Here, a trip to the car […]


Congratulations to New York for your civil rights victory! Who’d have thought that the legislative process could be so Lovely? [youtube][/youtube] Isn’t it wonderful when chants of “U.S.A!” erupt for something other than sporting events or a bombing campaigns?

St. Ann’s Kids . . .

Well, my sister finally passed away.  It’s been a long time coming since she had lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years.  This is a photo of her oldest child with my son.  The big kid was adopted into my parents family in 1980.  The little one born into the extended clan in 2004.  The […]

These colors don’t run; they just fade away

Bonus playlist Wednesday: stoned soul picnic edition

(Check out the complete soul food mix series: Dinner, Dessert, Redux, Leftovers.) So, yesterday was the first day of summer. How did you celebrate? I spent the morning working in the garden. In the afternoon I went for a haircut and ended up getting nearly twelve inches cut off, the most drastic change to my […]

Space invaders strike paris

I noticed the first Invader affixed to a guardhouse outside of the Musee d’Histoire Naturelle.  After I notice the second, finding more became a bit of a pastime. As it turns out, Mr. Invader landed in Paris and planted 1000 works — I only found these six.  

Daliances With Darkness And Air Conditioning

There is a movie coming out this weekend in which Jim Carrey inherits several penguins. At first he hates the penguins, but then the penguins teach him a little something about friendship. It all culminates in a Jim Carrey/penguin synchronized dance to the song Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice because that song has the […]

Bloomsday wanderings

June 16 is a day of celebration and extreme geekery for modernist lit types everywhere, but nowhere more so than Dublin, which is so explicitly and accurately mapped in Joyce’s Ulysses that if you care about it at all, it’s still possible (required, even) to trace the exact path its antiheroic protagonist Leopold Bloom walks […]