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The post 5/21 world!!!!

Well now that that’s over. Anyone want to take this up? America and it’s god fixation.  Interesting.

from FB on May 21st

Seriously people this is really great. A non-event like this hasn’t happened since 1844! “The Great Disappointment!” . . . Feel great to be alive and free in 21st Century America! . . . not really that different than 19th Century America. “The Past isn’t over! It’s not even Past!”

Extra credit?

One more week of class (not counting today), and between now and then, about fifty million research papers, essay revisions, final essay exams, quizzes, crying students, university transfer acceptance stories, awards nights, frantic stories about broken printers, group presentations, indignant stories about how someone didn’t do any work in the group presentation, tearful honors ceremonies, […]

I didn’t go full Sinead

My hair hasn’t been this short since I was six months old. It’s a strange feeling. When I was a little girl, my mom used to say if I didn’t want my hair brushed, she’d have to cut it all off. I said, go ahead. I hated having all that hair. It’s thick and frizzy […]

A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again

I’ve been playing this game a long time: Ever since I was little, I liked to play hard and get dirty on the field.     I still love it now.     Oh, don’t worry – I’m not going to stop playing softball. It’s too much fun. What I am going to stop doing […]

Late-night donut mistake

Apocalypse mom

As you may be aware, the end is nigh.  When? May 21, 2011.  Why?  Something to do with Jesus explained here. A colleague takes her kids to an elementary school where one mom has told her son the world will end a week on Saturday.  My friend is dying to ask if she’s enrolled him […]

For a title, I give you the gift of not making a pun

I write this slouching, of course. For years I’ve been meaning to stop slouching but always figured I’d put it off for a bit longer. This year, though, there’s been all the reading, all the hunching over 1,000-page casebooks with a highlighter, trying to make sense of Judge Cardozo or some famous English case with […]

The Reverse Magoo

I’m not sure why, but for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about an incident that occurred nearly 28 years ago, the night of my high school senior prom. It’s the night I did some stupid things and one really reckless thing. It’s the night that someone was killed. The reckless thing […]

S prazdnikom!

I hope you all celebrated May 9 yesterday, the day that the Germans finally surrendered in WWII. It’s a huge holiday in Russia – Dyen’ Pobedy, or Victory Day, the day the Great Patriotic War ended. If you missed it yesterday, raise a glass today:   … plus … = Delicious. And culturally appropriate.   […]