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Oh, dear

Look what Prince Philip’s said now.

Views from my windows

One of my favorite features of Andrew Sullivan’s blog, The Dish, is “The View from Your Window.” Readers from all over the world send in photos they’ve taken while looking out their windows, and each day he publishes one. I love taking a peek through someone else’s window and getting a little taste of what […]

Courtesy of Swells: the bitter end


I went on a walking tour of the West Campus of St. Elizabeths (intentional no apostrophe) in Washington, D.C. This is a historic asylum.  On the East Campus, there is an active mental hospital housing John Hinckley.  The West Campus is owned by the federal government and is being developed as the headquarters for the […]

Turkey seems to turn out poorly

This site, the OECD’s “Better Life Initiative,” lets you rank how important different components of the good life are to you, and then it ranks the OECD countries according to your weighting of the various factors. Apparently I should live in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, or Canada. I haven’t traveled abroad so much that it’s […]

jewish pseudonyms, buddists and blue skies…


Danes attack the British

in outrageous food ban.

Siddhartha on the prairie

The American midwest is the last place I expected to find Buddha. It’s too pragmatic, too meat-and-potatoes for a spiritual practice whose ultimate goal is elimination of the self. The people here are friendly, solid, circumspect, sincere. For nearly twenty years I have lived like an expatriate, shrouded in my New England cynicism and snark. […]

Courtesy of Austin’s Leon Alesi

You can see more of Leon’s photos here.

The post 5/21 world!!!!

Well now that that’s over. Anyone want to take this up? America and it’s god fixation.  Interesting.