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On Drugs

As long as I can remember, my heroes have been drug addicts. There were some confused messages when I was little, when my parents were trying on the one hand to share with us their favorite artists, singers, and actors, but on the other to share with us their gruesome ends. All I connected in […]

For fans of Weather Balloons

Do you dig the quiet noise? Here’s a free download of 40 tracks from Room 40.

Alternative Book Titles

OK, so I’m laid up with a busted ankle after a poorly executed slide into second base on Sunday. I’m on the couch all day, so have plenty of time to write a wonderful post for you people. But I don’t feel like writing, OK? I feel like playing online poker and watching bad TV. […]

American dreams pt.3: night lights

Get your Middleton on!

  It’s hard to sum up what April 29, 2011 means, but the copy writer at the Franklin Mint has nailed it: Kate Middleton is living the dream every little girl holds dear…and every woman remembers with a smile…becoming a Princess. For the first time in over 350 years, a non-royal like one of us […]

Odd story

(or is it ironic, Alanis?) but it’s the comments that are funny.

Excellent TED talk

Roger Ebert on the human voice. Guy is so incredible. More biscuits! Let’s bump Beck!

A useful abbreviation

tLDS; dr. But seriously, worth a read anyhow.

Pausing to reflect, and a time for getting on with it

Student life here at VPULS is a peculiar mix of slow and fast. Slow is when you have to read an 80-page law review article for one class meeting (and that’s setting aside the two other articles the professor said weren’t as essential). Fast is when you have to read it all by 10 a.m. […]

…oh is it now?

It’s interesting to me that this book is #1 on the NYT nonfiction bestseller list.  Thoughts?  Can you imagine the meeting among the editors?