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Get your Middleton on again!

When you read this I have no doubt you’ll be sitting in your best dressing gown with a glass of Dom Perignon, removing your rollers and oohing and aahing over Kate’s dress. So if you’re not watching on BBC America where there are no commercial breaks, you’ll have time to test your knowledge with these…answers […]

A royal organist weighs in

Okay, while I’m (predictably) not losing any sleep over the big Wedding Across the Pond, this post at the Paris Review’s blog is pretty cool.

In or out?

If your collection of Facebook Friends is similar to mine, you’ve probably been seeing these lately: I’m not in. Rather than an exhaustive list of why I’m not happy with the Obama administration, let me give you just a few illustrative points: – Failure to prosecute Bush administration officials for torture and other crimes. – […]

Read yr idols

Hard to believe this book is twenty years old. It still thrums with energy and danger. Half a lifetime ago, I discovered it at a friend’s house, devoured it, and started saving up to buy it myself. This was in the days before Amazon and Google Books. I had to take a bus to the […]

Poetry woman

RIP, Phoebe Snow.

Tuesday time suck

Good morning, Whatsiterati! For your consideration today, a few videos / links / photo galleries to divert you from your usual Tuesday business. 1. Security-camera video of the tornado hitting the St. Louis airport. [youtube][/youtube] 2. Audio clip of the official government announcement to residents in the Chernobyl area, alerting them to the fact that […]

American dreams pt.4: sleep walking


A new optical illusion via Sifu Tweety at Unfogged.

Easter at our house

This weekend we will hard boil two dozen eggs. We will layer newspaper, line up every teacup we can find and open several decorating kits. Combining dye pellets, vinegar and water in the cups, we will argue about the best way to color the eggs. Do you just plop them in, suspend them for perfect […]

The devolution of blasé

Celebrity author blurb on the cover of the book I’m currently teaching (meaning I have to stare at it all the time, which led me to vent in this post): “David Foster Wallace turns the short story upside down and inside out, making the adjectives ‘inventive,’ ‘unique,’ and ‘original’ seem blasé.” –T. Coraghessan Boyle It’s […]