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Widening gyre

This whole month, both of my literature classes have turned into discussions of what defines the human and what we assume that humans deserve by being human. We’re reading a lot of 18th-century stuff on colonialism and slavery, so it keeps coming up, even if I fear that the conversation is getting wide of strictly […]

Survival skills

I have written before about my addiction to the show “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” and my childhood obsession with the strange and compelling situations described in Strange Stories, Amazing Facts. I’m also a big fan of the show Survivor, partly because it’s fascinating to watch the conniving and strategizing that goes on, partly because the […]

Monday’s levity post

Being members of a dog family, Swells and I are especially tickled by this video, but I hope even those of you who aren’t can find the kind of painful joy that we feel when watching it over and over and over. [youtube][/youtube] Thanks to  Stella for submitting this photo for today’s levity post:

…And a trippy Friday to you all

A groovalicious rendition of “Season of the Witch,” to kick your weekend off right. Be sure to catch the fabulous bird dance that starts around the three minute mark.

Hearing aid

The latest technology from Britain’s NHS.

Seeing, believing

(Maybe we should become a photography blog.) Probably by now you’ve seen this site linked by one or another of your Facebook friends. It’s apparently a collection of frames from Google street views, treated as art photos. Like this one: Lots of the photos are pretty great, although some are strange. It’s hard to tell […]

Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores Sends You a Sexy Saxagram

Some day I want to run into this guy.

Wednesday fill-in: Better than Cats!

Or, as The Daily What put it: OMG! Adorbz of the day: [youtube][/youtube] Little Emerson will probably be a big horror movie fan, judging by his reactions in this video.

Thailand’s got talent

This clip from Thailand’s Got Talent gets really interesting about a minute in. But watch the whole thing for full effect. (thanks, BW!)

Where Children Sleep

Photographer James Mollison traveled the world to photograph children and their bedrooms. He photographed each kid with a neutral background, emphasizing the universal nature of childhood. These pictures alone would be interesting. But when you see the differences in where the children sleep, the project becomes haunting. I clicked over to this summary of his […]