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…at least I know I’m free

Because any time’s the right time to celebrate our nation:

A Quick Note on the Oscars

Who has Oscar fever? I sure do. My face is red, I feel woozy and sweaty and I’m having trouble standing. The doctors keep telling me it’s due to total dehydration and a general disregard for my own personal health and hygiene, but really, I know the truth. It’s the Oscars! You see, the Academy […]


This post is in response to Stella’s post from last Friday.  It is not an argument against anything that Stella wrote, but I was inspired by the subject and some of the comments. Before I go on any further, I should tell you that I’m actually writing this post as a spoken piece which is […]

For Fans of Ron Swanson

Here are a bunch of cats that look like him.

When I Change My Life

“When I Change My Life” — The Pretenders Probably the most brilliant idea I ever had was the discovery that I could run away. When I was a miserable little kid, I fantasized about death because I couldn’t imagine my way out of my situation. I was eight, and I told people what I needed, […]

Tuesday mishmash: Hold your breath

1. David Blaine, who is either a master magician or a publicity-seeking hack, depending on who you ask, gave a talk at TED about the various tricks and stunts he’s done over the years. It’s fascinating stuff. He also explains how he trained himself to hold his breath for 17 minutes, and how you can […]

Some recent photos with text

Update from Madison

Sixth day of peaceful protests against Governor Scott Walker’s attempts to bust labor unions. Go cheeseheads!

The written words

Once, the tools of writing were precious.  People had to invent paper.  Use chalk on slate.  Carve stone with hieroglyphics.  Prepare calf vellum.  Make ink.  Even growing up in the 70s, pencils, pens, felt tips, chalks, crayons and pads of paper were celebrated birthday and Christmas gifts.  Then, those things become cheap and plentiful.  And […]

You get to color this one in yourself

To start off, a provocative post about the media by John Emerson: Everyone talks about the media, but no one has been able to do anything about it. I share the common opinion that the disaster of contemporary American politics is in large part the result of the corruption and dishonesty of the media, and […]