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Happy New Year to All From The Great Whatsit and Sarah McLachlan and a Dog


Oh no I di’int

(title/concept courtesy of S. Godfree) So the year is almost over, and as with most years, I had a bunch of big plans for all the things I was going to do and change and accomplish for 2011. I don’t even much bother with the “lose five or ten pounds” one anymore, which I delude […]

Airport Thoughts

I am waiting for a flight to take me home to the little college town where I live, a home far away from my family. For the first time in eight years, we took a holiday trip to see my parents’ parents and siblings, which resulted in the predictable reversion of my folks to their […]

The true meaning of christmas

Revealed, at last, here:  

Merry merry

“I didn’t mean for it to be so big…”



Ad on the way to the courthouse:

Christmix 2011

Click on the photo of Ferdinand, the dog J-Man and I helped rescue recently, for a little holiday listening treat. I tried to keep the cheer to a minimum, for those of you who aren’t so cheery around the holidays. An itty bit of cheer came through all the same. Deal. Christmix 2011 Blue Holiday […]

Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s Resolutions

Circa 1942. (via BoingBoing)

Happy belated 200th

As the father of rock star flair, I raise a glass to you, Mr. Liszt.