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Stella on the Eastern Shore

Stella spent last weekend on the Eastern Shore of Virginia near Modest Town.  It’s the southern part of DelMarVa for Washingtonian beach mavens.  It’s about 80 miles north of Norfolk, Virgina.  Stella went to university in Norfolk, England.  The two areas are eerily similar.  Flat and marshy.  Sparsely populated.  Subtly beautiful.

Thursday playlist: TGW 201010

This is a quasi-random playlist… I have been listening for a while to a playlist shuffled by my computer but scanning through it to see what I’m interested in listening to. Here is a very nice grouping of songs from the other night, with some additions of my own. This grouping has some favorite tunes […]

Death may have no mercy, but it frequently offers some fascinating stories

I’m a big fan of the obituaries page in the Sunday paper. It may seem a little morbid, but I love the mini-biographies and micro-histories of the semi-famous and somewhat influential that can be found there. Reading an interesting, well-written obituary is among the most entertaining ways to learn a sliver of knowledge about a […]

“I’m ooonly helping…”

RB and I have become obsessed with this recent Snickers commercial. For the last week or so, every question in our house is answered with either “Helloooo, Mrs. Jensen!” or “I’m ooonly helping…”. [youtube][/youtube] There’s apparently some controversy surrounding the ad, as people are creeped out at the old lady. Is it two kids inside that […]


Overheard in the Bar at Chili’s: A:  Did you see that movie, “Zombieland”?  B:  No.  A:  It’s really funny.  B:  I hate Zombies.  A:  Why?  B:  You can’t kill them. They just keep coming. They can’t die because they are already dead.  A:  You can cut off their heads or blow them up.  C:  Or […]

Not a typical girl

RIP Ari Up, one of the most badass, cool, feminist, inspiring punk pioneers ever to blow my mind.

hot dawgs

Religion is boring

This semester I keep running into religious boredom from my students. At Religious College, the students are totally entranced by the text we’re reading except when I try to say something about the religious context of the author, whom they far prefer to judge according to the standards of their own beliefs. At Secular College, […]

It’s almost too much to watch…


help! iam stuck at a friend’s house with no wifi and cant figure out how to post with my new 3g phone. damn, technology sucks sometimes! ican post in the title but not the body of the post! sheesh!