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Religious believers, religious knowledge

You may have seen press coverage this week of a study by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life about religious knowledge among members of various American religious groups. Mormons, Jews, and atheists/agnostics scored highest, even after adjusting for education and income. White evangelical Protestants and Mormons scored highest on questions about the Bible […]


Summer has finally come to Thee Southland, and with a vengeance heretofore unseen. Monday L.A. had a record high of 113 degrees; it might’ve been higher but the official downtown L.A. temperature gauge apparently broke midday. Late Summer/early Fall is usually the hottest part of the year and fire season here, but by nightfall things […]

You are getting verrrrry sleeeeeeepy

Has anyone here been hypnotized? Or undergone a past-life regression? I’ve been considering doing either or both for the past few years, but can’t get past the notion that I’d be paying for some scam artist to tell me random things, some of which may or may not press emotional buttons. I’m more convinced that […]

UFO spotted over Vegas!

…a must see, and proof that space aliens exist!

The worst product placement ever

What happens in Vegas

It is almost too easy, like photos of kittens or a Sarah Palin interview. My head darts around like a hummingbird. My senses are Velcro: images stick, noises collect, scents fight for airtime. Sparkle! Ringing! Flash! Cheers! It is hard to be here alone. Hard to take it all in without spewing it back out, nudging, […]

Punctuating a text.

“The medium is the message!” “Form is content.” “Fuck off…” “No” When I first started writing for this blog close to five years ago, I barely texted. It was a pain in the ass. The iPhone hadn't been invented. But today, I text 10 times more than I talk on the phone or email. In […]

The Excrementalist

Hello again! Two weeks ago, I biffed, because I am a moron. But I am back. And good Lord, do I need some advice. Let us say that one works in an office where one makes the shocking discovery that some colleague has been depositing his or her excrement in some place that is not […]

YouTube time machine

Remember the Wayback Machine ? The machine that took Mr. Peabody and Sherman back to whatever year they dialed, so they could bring a magnificent history lesson to cartoon-watching children? [youtube][/youtube] This was the Wayback Machine of my youth, a fantabulous fake time-travel mechanism. Decades later, after the commercial Internet had been around a few […]

The ossuary at Kutna Hora

They say there are the remains of forty thousand bodies inside the area of about a thousand square feet.