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Life in a Northern Town

Some of the lovely people

Crash, Rinse, Repeat

The fence, graffiti, ramps and staircases remind me vaguely of a Sesame Street set. I realize this is not the look they were going for, but the urban edge feels constructed, assembled from pieces of West Side Story and Romper Room. I feel out of place. It is not my age, there are plenty of […]

Ah, summertime!

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What is Michael Cera Running Away From?

He looks like a gazelle.

Bad Faith

I often get the sense that people are asking me questions they don’t want answers to. It’s a kind of social blindness I have, which is weird because my parents did this all the time. You’d think I’d be used to it, but somehow I never learned to tell when it’s best just to tell […]

Colors of the week


As a child, I had a series of Ladybird children’s books with fairytales such as Snow White and Rose Red and Beauty and the Beast.  The illustration style was a 60s mainstream version of archaic, as if it were a series of oil paintings with the stories set in some ill-defined period between the middle […]

How to tell if your husband is gay

This seems foolproof.

Have “a” nice day