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The future in 1967

Great film of the US Pavilion at Expo ’67. Geodesic dome! Monorail! Pop art!

Song of the summer

For several years running there has been, by common consent among friends, an official/unofficial, sometimes disputed, song of the summer.  After an extended email conversation recently with a beloved former contributor (he who shall not be named), I decided to collect a few nominations.  Past songs of the summer have been big and epic with […]

Greetings from London!

1. I should have packed more comfortable shoes. But this was a good excuse to pick up some cute brown sneakers at the Camper store. 2. I got briefly unnerved by the currency problem, but only because there was the splitting of a seven-way check involved. We ate delicious Ethiopian food. Still can’t figure out […]

Home tour

In downtown L.A., on a street that comes to an end where the Santa Monica freeway whizzes by overhead, architect Michael Maltzan has built a new apartment building called the Carver Apartments. There are a few things that are unusual about this. One is the shape: the building is like a doughnut – a cylinder […]

Eastern architecture pt. 2

After leaving Berlin, I was thrilled to come across some really fabulous cold war architecture in Dresden: Prague: Brno: and Budapest:

No to oligarchy

What Bernie Sanders said.

Stella and the random day at the English seaside

Hot and cold

This July is on track to be the hottest New York City July on record. If that happens, it will beat July 1999 for the record — that was the month I first visited New York, over a record-breakingly sweltering Fourth of July weekend. Despite the heat, all I wanted to do was walk around […]


Not the big hurts and betrayals that you grieve over, nurse for years, take to therapy. Not the stuff of broken hearts. Just the little insults that continue to gnaw at you, sometimes years later. Sure, it takes energy to sustain a grudge, and usually it’s easier just to let the offense fade into the […]

500 million friends and counting

I hate Facebook. But I can’t stop looking at it, either. I hate it because it’s essentially a giant tool for collecting information about you under the guise of “fun” applications that cause you to reveal much more about yourself than you normally would to a company. I hate it because it causes you to […]