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The crisis of capitalism never looked so good

A short lecture by David Harvey, animated.


I wrote two long posts here in the past few hours. They were about something that has been happening to me recently, which is that I find myself limited in my paths through my neighborhood by various social forces—an ex’s children, whom I miss terribly and who hate me because they think I abandoned them, […]

Twitter for Dummies

Rule 1: Everything must be 140 characters or less. A character is a letter, number or space. Rule 2: No mundane comments on where you are; e.g., “I’m drinking coffee at a Coffee Bean.” Rule 3: No cutesy observations that only you will understand, e.g., “Well, that was a sticky wicket, wasn’t it?” Rule 4: […]

Country hip-hop

…with a Dorothy Hamill ‘do. Weirdly compelling.

A NJ home: pt. 4

I don’t remember my grandparents being overly religious, so I have to admit that I was surprised by all of the Catholic artifacts.

1966 and all that

There are two defining moments in English history.  The defeat of King Harold at the Battle of Hastings by William the Conqueror in 1066 and the victory of the English soccer team in the 1966 World Cup.  That second moment healed all the defeats, disappointments, and humiliations of the previous 900 years. The victory could […]

A worthy contest

Not all contests are worthy of one’s attention, and those that are worthy of attention do not deserve it in equal amounts. The best reason to pay attention to a contest is that its outcome truly matters — that it will affect the physical well-being of many non-contestants. Wars are the paradigmatic case here; elections […]

Happiness is…

It’s a little bit like internet dating, nowadays: instead of going to the pound, you browse thumbnail photos online. Someone has written first-person blurbs that read like personal ads: “Hi! I’m two months old, with lots of energy. I like liver treats, tennis balls, and long walks in the park. How about you?!” Hundreds of […]

How to Try

I am missing the arrogance of my stupid youth. When did I get so embarrassed of making a fool of myself? Why wasn’t I ashamed of myself then? The lack of shame usually works for my college students, in that they dare to say and do all kinds of productive things in my classes. It […]

A NJ home: pt. 3

The silly little details that one remembers from childhood:  This still life that hung in my grandparents’ living room used to haunt me.  I imagined reaching for a peach, and getting my arm snapped off by the alligator.  (You do see the alligator in the picture, right?) I never remember anything ever being clipped by […]