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Tuesday videos: Sexy CPR

So, I know everyone really likes the more personal TGW posts, but I’m gonna have to go with a relatively impersonal compendium of amusing video clips today. Dave and Stella set the bar very high last week, and I’m too grumpy and tired at the moment to write anything insightful – sorry! (ed. note: and […]

Dio: deep, dark, diminutive, deceased

Menstruation memoir

If all goes to plan, I’m having my last period. That’s 29 years of menstruation.  Approximately 382 periods.  Thousands of tampons and pads. There’s nothing fun about menstruation and yet facing its end is bizarre.  It’s what one does.  It marks the months.  It’s the inconvenience around which one plans.  It’s the interrupter of hot […]


This week I found myself trying to explain “the closet” and “coming out” in a bit more depth than is usually given the subjects, as every water cooler and blog in the country resonated with some form of the search phrase “elena kagan lesbian”: Now we have Eliot Spitzer, among others, assuring us that the […]

Your kids can dance to it while it wins a war

Anyone interested in music, history, technology, and how all three sometimes converge will find Dave Tompkins’s recently published book How to Wreck a Nice Beach fascinating reading. It’s a history of the vocoder from its development in the 30s by Bell Labs as a voice encryptor for the US Military to its infiltration of techno […]

Ideal Reader

When teaching an intro course on literature, I often end up teaching my students about the difference between an ideal reader and an actual reader. An ideal reader is someone you can imagine reading a text and getting all the little jokes and references, appreciating the compositional complexity of the text, deriving as much pleasure […]

Monday photo: Ants

(Click to enlarge) I took these photos in downtown Bogota, where artist Rafael Gomezbarros covered the Colombian Congress building with this art installation of giant ants. Apparently this has been an ongoing, Christoesque project in which the ants have appeared on different public buildings throughout Colombia at different times; according to Gomezbarros, the ants “represent […]

Hi, my name is Parliament. You may have heard how hung I am.

Are you as fascinated as I am by the British elections?

So you’ve decided to have surgery!

Congratulations, you’ve decided to go for it. Good for you! Having surgery is an important step in your life. Actually, it’s sort of like having a kid: although not as potentially cute, your surgery could be just as hobbling, so it’s not a decision you should take lightly. OK, so here are some recommendations for […]

Nazi Rally and Counter-Protest, April 18th, Los Angeles

So, there was a neo-Nazi rally in Los Angeles on April 18th. I went paparazzi style on my motorcycle, hoping to shoot some Nazis. I didn’t get many Nazis, but got lots of police and anarchists. Here are some of the photographs: I arrived late, and this family was already leaving. I asked if I […]