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Monday photo: lunchtime

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I remember my favorite present.  I was about 7 and woke up one morning to find three new and shiny things next to my bed.  A hip little doll baby with caramel skin, freckles, lashes and blue eyeshadow.  She sported matching shorts and tunic in Fuchsia pink with jewel-tone Scottie dogs in turquoise, emerald and […]

A queer addendum

I was at a party recently and got to talking to one woman about elite vs. non-elite (in my parlance, “fancy” vs. “not fancy”) educational institutions, and whether it mattered how elite the school was that one attended for various career paths. We digressed to talk about one institution, let’s call it College X, of […]

My life on the C-list; or, The ones that got away

The first time, I am incredibly nervous. We exchange a polite email before I call to set up the appointment at her house. Driving into an unfamiliar neighborhood, cash bulging from my wallet, I wonder: what’s the etiquette? Do I ask her last name? Do I try to make small talk? How long should I […]

“The same, safe, sexy route”

Dave and I were both pretty sauced when he suggested that I write this post. We were leaving a house party where there had been a serious amount of dancing, mostly to our new pop crush Janelle Monae. I haven’t danced as much as I did that night in years, and, generally, I don’t even […]

Interesting reading

Two long pieces: the story of how the knowledge of how to prevent scurvy was lost in the 19th century and then regained in the 20th (via snarkout at Unfogged); a very long but fascinating discussion (read all 9 parts!) of how Mormonism changed from a wild polygamist sect to a boring, vaguely Protestant corporation.


As one might imagine, I was thrilled to look down and see that my odometer was about to turn the devil-mile.  In fact, I was so taken with excitement that I parked my Vespa and walked home to grab my camera to capture the satanic glory (truth be told, I was only about two blocks […]

Adventures In Dating 2: Havana Nights

My friend, who is on the same dating website as me, recently joked that every time a date falls through or someone doesn’t write back to her, she just assumes that they are dead. What other reason could they have for bailing? Sometimes she’ll make up elaborate death scenarios for them, like how they slipped […]

Shape my summer

So as this is a worldly group out there in Whatsitland, I want to pick your brains. I’ll be spending June traveling, mostly to places I have been before, and I want to see them through new eyes. YOUR eyes. We’re starting with a few days in London, and at some point over the course […]

Adventures in grading

“People with AIDS in the 1980s were considered by many to be leopards (in the Biblical sense).”