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Picking a horse

So, I envisaged this blog as a detailed policy analysis of the Labour (!) and Liberal Democrat manifestos as I decide how to cast my postal ballot (when and if it arrives) ahead of the May 6 General Election in the UK. However, I don’t have the time nor, it turns out, the inclination to […]

Facebook vs. the blogosphere

It’s been a long day, so I didn’t feel up to writing the post I was planning about socialism, anarchism, and capitalism. I figured I’d post a few cat videos, like this one that I saw on Facebook (I forget who posted it) of a cat playing with an iPad: Or this one, which I […]

East Coast v. West Coast Literary Throw-down

In this corner!  And in this!  May the best edited win!  Mind you, there's that one particularly bad-ass editor.  Congratulations, Bryan!  If you are anywhere near the Bowery this Sunday at 8pm, go check out the Book Launch Party.  If the past is any guide, it should inevitably descend into drunken good-willed brawling.  Don't miss it! computer software […]

Stephen Baldwin = Job

… and he needs to be made rich again, to prove God’s power.

Closing time

(Part One here.) My friends, I have joined a secret society. It hides in plain sight. Some of you are members already. Some of you aspire to be. Others remain proudly free of the constant demands, financial obligations, and emotional binds the society exacts from its members. To the latter of you, I say: congratulations. […]


I was quite old before I realized that I was the only person at my church who listened to secular music. I must have been in seventh grade, because I clearly remember a Sunday School classmate asking me what my favorite album was at the time, and I said Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Of course. […]

Monday photo: what you don’t know . . .

Here’s Your Pink-Eye, That’ll Be $17.50

To begin this post, I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the below: [youtube][/youtube] If you didn’t make it to the end of the trailer, I assume it’s because you didn’t see the original Step Up, or its amazing sequel Step Up 2 Tha Streets, a movie so profound that it circumvented all basic laws […]

Anacondas 0, kidnappers 0, dolphins 5, monkeys 50

Previous readers may remember my mixture of excitement and trepidation before going to Colombia last month. Although most of me was excited by the prospect of this exploration, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also nervous about it, what with the kidnappings, the malaria, and the anacondas (well, to be honest, I was […]

Scenes from a horse show in Vegas

Have you ever been to a horse show in Vegas? I hadn’t, until this past weekend. It involves a lot of pomp, a lot of kitsch, and at least one showgirl. Yee-ha!