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Bone Marrow with toast

Check out my friend Jonathan’s food blog.

An American year

Meaning that there is a holiday — federal, religious, cultural, or celebratory — about every two weeks.  This is not so elsewhere. It struck me this week as I walked home from work in my green suit in a sea of people decked out in emeralds, limes, and spring greens.  I know several of these […]

Some stuff that you possibly have not heard

The most boring thing I do with any regularity is go to the gym. It’s fairly excruciating. Warm up; do various lifting exercises, making sure to work upper and lower body, back and front muscles; stretch; go upstairs and get on an elliptical machine for 27 minutes (25 minutes of cardio plus 2 minutes cool […]

Alex Chilton, R.I.P.

Thanks for the songs, Alex.

A pretty thing happened on the way to the office

Almost every weekday I commute to a different public hospital in LA County to teach evening classes. Along the way, there are many really interesting sights. I’ve been meaning for a while to take photos of some of them. This week I finally did. In the distance, center right, is my destination for today, County […]

What do they want?

A few weeks ago, a dear friend came in town for an event. Her former students got word that she would be in town and immediately started planning that they would kidnap her for an evening, go out to dinner, go out for drinks, just hang out. She’d been a popular teacher with a certain […]

Monday photo: Painters

At the Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts, where I made a pilgrimage to see an exhibit of screenprints by my beloved Rauschenberg last week, my friend leaned over the upstairs railing and caught this more organic creation in action.

Hadrian’s Wall aglow-glow

Get past the horrible reporting and imagine how fabulous this must look right now…if only it were celebrating something a little more historic than British tourism week.

Friday Fill-in Playlist

Just for anyone who might want something to tide him or her over until Monday, here’s a playlist consisting of the ten most recently played songs from my iTunes library. I’m not entirely sure how some of these songs got in there, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Ten Most Recent Plays Bonus! A […]

Thursday Playlist: My latest enthusiasms

Two songs by Pantha du Prince, a book by Carl Wilson, and an Italian you tube video. Follow this link to a site where you can stream the whole album. But for the purpose of this post, just play track #1 “Lay in a Shimmer” and track #9 “Welt am Draht.” I had never heard […]