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The Day My Office Stood Still

I don’t really like my job. I know that this doesn’t make me a unique American (or human being), but I will say that the majority of my friends seem to be getting something out of their daily worklife, or at the very least have coworkers at the office with whom they can commiserate. There […]

Just like a MoMo

Many readers of this site may be familiar with my deep antipathy towards the Mormon church ever since its meddling into California’s Proposition 8. Getting to know several ex-Mormons through this very venue and hearing myriad stories of their experiences in the church has only increased my troubled resentment for the religion that I know […]

Wednesday Photo

Park City, Utah, February 2009

Best use of Jew’s harp, 2010

And the award goes to: Bez Chempionlar, the Tatar folk version of “We Are the Champions.” What’s amazing about this is, if you didn’t know the original song, you would totally believe this is a Tatar folk song: [youtube][/youtube] Of course, judging from other Tatar folk music online, it’s a little more polka-esque than one […]

Monday photos: Tee greeting

Happy Monday, Whatsiterati! We have a double-photo Monday for you today. First up, “Tee Greeting,” by our anonymous photographer: And our bonus shot, a photo Jeremy took on his iPhone yesterday morning: (When I was younger, I would look at photos like this to see if I could find Jesus in there. Now I just […]

Stella and the aging parents

I just got back from England where I celebrated my Dad’s 70th birthday and faced the reality of aging parents. My normally laid-back father was deeply stressed out about his party.  Ok, it was for 90 people and I too would be uptight, but on the morning of the event he collected me from the […]

Can’t hardly wait!

The new Joanna Newsom record comes out next week, people. It’s a triple LP/CD! Man, I’m feelin’ it.


I was thinking this week about boredom, first in a religious context. When I was a kid, church was pretty boring — although, as “good kid,” I was kept in line by a combination of my hypertrophied superego and an intense interest in doodling. As an adolescent, I started to really take an interest in […]

My new favorite soap

Okay, so Twitter. What’s up with that, right? I mean, who *really* wants to know the minutiae of other people’s days? Maybe occasionally someone will post a funny joke, a handy link, or something cool that’s going on, but generally? It’s even more of a waste of time than Facebook. Right? Thinking this, well *knowing* […]

Businesses I wish I’d started

The creator of the Frisbee died last week, age 90, a wealthy man for having adapted a popcorn tin lid into a toy. How great would that be – to invent an object beloved by millions and retire off it? Whenever I read stories about the people who become zillionaires by inventing cool stuff, I […]