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Before the aftershock quake

Some photos from Haiti.

Nice Day For A Drive(by)

It’s a rare day that it rains in Los Angeles, and a rarer one that Tim and I spend the afternoon together at home, not running errands or otherwise careening about. The rain had been coming down in sheets for a good part of the morning, and we were cosily tucked at our computers, working […]


Back late from a weekend in Vegas, too tired to write. Here are some photos from a trip to an aquarium a few weeks ago. The one of the stingray in the light is my favorite; it’s currently the desktop image on my laptop.

Monday photo: the kindness of strangers

“Violence punctuated by committee meetings”

The title of this biscuit is George Will’s famous assessment of American football. As it turns out, the “committee meetings” parts take up waaaaaay more time than the violence. Anyone care to guess how much time the ball is actually in play in your average three-hour NFL game? Click here for the answer.

The Intersection of Small Things

I like unexpected patterns, the ways in which seemingly unrelated threads might find themselves woven together.  There’s a beauty in the small details.  In the ways in which one thing informs another.  Sometimes through sound.  Sometimes through history.  The mind forms associations, building both practical and improbable bridges, linking words and elements of the world.  […]

Definitely Not Safe For Work!

. . . . . . Came across this article on Monday. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It just seemed like it deserved this: .

Something I did not know about Haiti

Leave it to Pat Robertson to turn tragedy into an occasion for total weirdness. Seriously, watch the clip. (Via Yglesias, who offers an explanation.) (Also, you guys have heard about this thing where you text “HAITI” to 90999 and $10 goes to the Red Cross, to be charged to your next phone bill, right?)

Crack House Diaries: Coming Home

It is always a huge relief to come home from a long vacation and realize that the house is still there.  This is what happened last Thursday when we flew into Los Angeles after spending nearly three weeks in Great Falls, Montana, the place where I grew up (Go Bison!).  When we first moved to […]


TMK sent this spooky link; I thought it went well with this one — a strong dose of failed techno-utopia.