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Hypocrisy at CBS

A lot of people feel that CBS shouldn’t have agreed to run an anti-abortion ad starring Tim Tebow during the Super Bowl. While I don’t necessarily agree with the ad’s message, and don’t love the evangelical zeal Tebow regularly displays, I didn’t see a problem with CBS running it. But now, CBS has refused to […]

J.D. Salinger



While I was on a recent trip to New York, I had the opportunity to view an art project that was displayed on the Bowery close to the New Museum. The piece, created by Christine Finley, was a wallpaper-wrapped dumpster. Finley is an acquaintance of mine, and I was excited by her concept, so I […]

Guest playlist: Fado

By The Modesto Kid I come not to share my own playlist but to link to another man’s. I would not be able to put a good playlist of fado together anyway, since I know hardly anything of the music; but luckily there is one pre-existing. I recommend it! It’s Carlos Saura’s 2007 movie “Fado” […]

Tuesday video: Cheesy movie quotes

I’m such a sucker for video compilations like this: the 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time. The ones I knew were amusing; some of the ones I didn’t were absolutely transcendent. A few observations: – “You sack of wine!” Whoa! I’d heard Troy was bad, but this clip was positively bad-tastic! – I enjoyed […]

Long beach sheds a tear

…but our loss is their gain.

fb status updates,

too dumb for fb. “andy warhol wanted to be a machine.  fb makes that possible, that is, to speak publicly, as a computer image, in real time.  well, anyway, he would have loved fb.”  really bad . . . thank you for this low key outlet.

This is


Die, monster, die

Exercise: take a piece of blank paper with some crayons or felt tips.  Draw a monster.  Put the monster in the middle of the floor.  Select an imaginary (unless you have kids’ toys available) weapon.  Take the weapon and kill the monster. What did your monster look like?  Describe the qualities of the monster.  How […]

The ionosphere comes to the rescue

The Earth is constantly bombarded by solar radiation. When some wavelengths of this radiation encounter the thinnest, outermost reaches of the atmosphere, they knock electrons off of otherwise perfectly fine atoms, creating charged particles (ions). Because the atmosphere is so thin, the ions are fairly widely distributed and hang around for a while as charged […]