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An Open Letter to 2010

Dear 2010, I’m not going to try to summarize you. You were a year of ups and downs, like any year. But as you prepare to hand the baton to 2011 as we continue this relay race of life, I had a couple of things to say. First of all, I’m scared to even write […]

Happy New Year! . . . ?

Happy 2011 everyone! Here’s a photo of a bunch of random white people drinkin’ and smokin’ snatched from the google image search “new years eve” : – }

2010 winds down

Readers, such beautiful imaginations you have. Please use them to visualize what I wish were in this post: -photos of my parents’ Christmas decorations, all wooden toys bought at outdoor Christmas markets when we lived in Germany -photos of my niece and nephews in the canyon behind my parents’ house, running around with my dog […]

Wednesday photos: recent installation

Snow big deal

So, when we left LA last week, here’s what it looked like: Now, after a brief respite from water falling from the sky, we are in Massachusetts for… Snowpocalypse!: Happy new year everyone! Hope your 2011 starts off with a bang!

Monday photo: sf fog

Cracking up!

One of the highlights of a British Christmas is the Christmas Cracker.  Produced for a few pennies, this object, which comprises a cardboard tube, colorful foil paper, a fragile paper hat, a plastic toy, and a bad joke, really gives a lot of bang for the Great British pound. I was going to research the […]

Amuse yourself for hours

with the book ngram viewer. Just type in any words/phrases and graph their incidence in print over the past 500 years. Amazing!

Happy whatever

Go get yourself dry cleaned to celebrate.

On Vacation

To keep you busy until we’re back and I can make a 2010 mix, here’s a random mix. I hit the shuffle button, and these were (almost) the first 20 songs that came up. I skipped one 25-minute nearly silent electronic piece that would have put you to sleep, and one band came up twice […]