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We don’t need no stinking Czars:

Teabagging at its finest.

The sequel could be called “The God Ultimatum”

What would happen to the titles of classic books if today’s publishers got hold of them. (Via CT.)

That was nice twice

As previously reported, Dave and Stella went to Maine.  First stop, the American Folk Festival in Bangor.  It opened with the University of Maine Black Bears Marching Band. And Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials. And a couple with matching LL Bean backpacks dancing. The next day tropical storm Danny made it very wet. But […]


So when I moved to New York I noticed an overabundance of beautiful people. Why so many? The question continues to puzzle me, and over the years I’ve developed several theories. By flickr user Ed Yourdon 1. A certain percentage of the most beautiful people from all over the country move here to become yuppies. […]

Saturday morning at the Dane County Farmers’ Market

A big guy in a hunter orange boiler suit, bright orange Crocs, and a long white beard plays the piccolo there every week. I call him Prison Santa. A kid who can’t be more than fifteen or sixteen sits on the curb with a guitar. He seems like just one more embryonic hippie until he […]

I know you all listen to it in your Volvos all day, but…

have you noticed how much NPR sucks?

Thanks for the memories

No need to comment. I just wanted to post a small tribute to a fine actor and a really great man. Tell your friends and family you love them today.

The Monday Photo (a sculpture)

Jeff Koons; “Michael Jackson and Bubbles”; 1988; porcelain ceramic blend; 42″ x 70.5″ x 32.5″


Check out the depressing slideshow on the home page of Huffington Post of today’s delightful protesters….first image: widely-distributed sign advocating that we “Bury Obamacare with Kennedy.”  Classy.

How My Roommate Destroyed Childhood Cartoon Animals For Me

I can’t really cook. If pressed I can follow a recipe, and that recipe is usually printed on the side of a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese box. Sometimes I take creative license with my mac and cheese, but that creative license is usually me omitting the milk and butter ingredients in the mix and just eating […]