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Some objects of desire.

This summer we went to Europe. We ate a lot of great food, drank delicious wine, visited as many museums as we possibly could, visited a good friend, swam in the Mediterranean, and saw many beautiful things. Here are a few: The South of France: Fontfroide Abbey The Cloisters There’s a recording studio about this […]

Pop quiz

1. True or false, social networking division: (a) Hollywood is making a movie about Facebook, starring Justin Timberlake. (b) Ashton Kutcher wrote the following in Time magazine about the founders of Twitter: “Years from now, when historians reflect on the time we are currently living in, the names Biz Stone and Evan Williams will be […]

The Monday Photo: The Beautiful Glimpsed in Unexpected Places Google Image Search

Hey! not bad . . .

Mr. Safire was delighted,

especially with the proper use of the conditional.

The Beautiful Glimpsed in Unexpected Places

People give me a strange look sometimes when I tell them that I used to be a computer games programmer.  The idea that a poet might have a technical background seems odd at first — in large measure because we’ve been brought up to believe that there is a great divide between the sciences and […]

And you may ask yourself

Recently I was asked by a friend if I would like to go on a 900 mile trip in a sailboat from Scotland to Portugal. Without thinking, I said, hell yes. Everyone kept saying, wow, what an opportunity. You must go. This is a once in a lifetime. They were right. And so I went. […]

CHD: Short one towel.

I settle down at the computer to write a Whatsit post when four gun shots ring out from the street directly in front of our house.  This happens within the hour of my typing these words, the night before my post is due, and the helis only stop buzzing the neighborhood in the last five […]



I Shouldn’t Be Alive

Have you ever been in the middle of the ocean in a rubber dinghy, circled by sharks? Lost in the Amazon for weeks with no food or water? Stuck in a freezing crevasse with a broken leg in a Utah canyon? If not, and you’d like to experience the feeling, check out I Shouldn’t Be […]

The Monday Photo (September 21, 1937)