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Still, those “HOPE” posters were really cool

From one perspective, the health-care-reform process is turning out to be much more a knuckle-biter than last year’s presidential election was. It’s perfectly obvious that the U.S. health-care system has some major problems. It’s helpful to divide these problems into two categories: lack of access to care and excessive costs. About 47 million Americans live […]

In-body experience

The morning starts with a fluttery feeling in your midsection, somewhere between a stomachache and seeing the object of your junior-high crush in the hallway between classes—excited, but kind of nervous, too. Then the anxiety dissipates until it’s just a low electrical hum buzzing through your limbs, making you want to get up and spaz […]

Back east

I’m writing this on an Amtrak train, heading from Boston to New York. It’s been more than a year since I’ve been to either New York or Washington, DC, and I’m going to both places this week. I can’t wait to see old friends and explore old haunts, but I’m also amazed at how much […]

The Monday Photo (the most evil record jacket ever)

Ukraine’s got talent

This is an amazing performance, a sand-painting interpretation of Ukraine in WWII.

The hair puddle: river to river

As if writing about my own artistic endeavors isn’t self-indulgent enough, I suggest that you skim a previous post in which I discuss this project – just so you’re up to speed. I’ll wait. Back? Good. So here it is, my concept album, “River to River.” 1) The Birth: A teenage mother gives clandestine birth […]

Joe Biden from space

I know nearly everyone has seen this stuff before, but AutoTune the News #5 really cracked my shit up this morning. This is related only insofar as all musical awesomeness is related.

Candy everybody wants

Things I worry about

Is my metabolism slowing down? Am I getting soft around the middle without really noticing how much? Do people look at me and see a forty-something trying to cling to thirty-something-ness? Do these shorts make me look fat? Should I dress better? Is it boring to wear jeans and t-shirts all the time? Is it […]

Monday photo

This photo was taken by our friend Leon Alesi at a Dan Deacon show at the Getty Center.  You can check out more of his photos here.