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The Monday Photo: think of all the cool stuff you could buy there

Late Summer

The sun is high and bright.  Back in Saskatchewan, the fields are a burning gold, the skies unending in their pale blue, and the heat constant.  At night, lightning storms  fill the entire sky, or more often the heavens clear to a rich darkness with its ten thousand thousand stars.  It’s strange how much I […]

What's all the fuss? Reconsidering the cross-country road trip

Depending on how you define these things, I've made seven cross-country road trips in these 40 years of life. The first two (my only round trip voyage) occured when I was about eleven or twelve. Family summer vacation: driving from Albuquerque to Maine and back again in a Ford Van with two parents and six […]

Summer delight

I just enjoyed this: [vimeo][/vimeo]

Whatsity end of summer photos.

The end of summer has me down more than usual for some reason.  It doesn’t help that the whole health care debate has left me feeling like nothing can ever change, or that the CDC is warning that as much as 40% of the population might catch H1N1 (Susan and I both teach, and Asa […]

Oh, brother

I’ve written about my brother several times on TGW, mostly reminiscences from our childhood days. He and I were natural antagonists: the overachieving, tattletale younger sister and the older brother whose approval she always sought, usually unsuccessfully. My memories of our childhood are mostly good ones, though; even when my brother and I fought, the […]

The Monday Photo (nervous habits)

Art of the people

Stella recently visited Santa Fe’s annual International Folk Art Market. Staged on Museum Hill every July, it’s an impressive endeavor involving more than 100 artists from around the world, 1,000 volunteers and 20,000 visitors.  Each booth averages sales of $16,000, which for many of the artists from developing countries might be the majority of their […]

The best of the Aughts!

It's official.  The lists have begun.  Oh, the joy!  Let the carping begin:  Amerie at #32?  WTF!?!?  Looking forward to August 31 and Sept. 28th! adobe photoshop cs6 download zp8497586rq

It gets really wild when you cross the croon/belt barrier

A flowchart of what might be TGW’s official theme song.