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I just had a geekgasm

An index of data-visualization projects. (Via stretta.)

Thursday photo: Couldn’t pass this up

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Sonic Youth, Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, 7/20/09

There’s this moment at 4:49 in “Rain On Tin” (from the band’s 2002 album Murray Street) that is simply one of the most gorgeous, joyous, thrilling moments of music I’ve ever heard. Like travelling to a whole new dimension of awesomeness. Seriously, if you listen to it right now, LOUD, your entire life will improve […]


It had to be something. But is this all?

Extra! Extra! Read all about it.

Well, it’s finally happening. I hoped this day wouldn’t come, but I have to admit it: I’m starting to wonder if I should cancel my subscription to the New York Times. Here’s why: 1.    It comes in a blue plastic wrapper every day, even though it only rains in LA about six times a year. […]

The Monday Photo (moon phases)

Middle-earth Real Estate

My roommate and I, each time we move to or visit a new neighborhood, like to play a game in which we relate our surrounding Brooklyn to the land of Middle-earth from Lord of the Rings.* Somehow we manage to do this between our busy lives of smoking pot, watching television and not having sex […]

Full fathom five

Growing up on the coast of southern California, I had a close relationship with tide pools, tracking hermit crabs, sticking my fingers in every anenome, and arranging swirls of shells for classroom projects. Maybe that intimate view of these miniature seas warped my perspective on the ocean, somehow preventing me from looking out and appreciating […]

Wednesday mish-mosh fill-in

Please skip the mish-mosh and go directly here. This mish-mosh never should have occurred today. Thank you. Excellent rap about the inner city ‘hood that is Arlington, VA: [youtube][/youtube] Jesus sighting in a most unexpected place: here Minor league baseball player’s amazing trick: [youtube][/youtube] Accounting firm with extraordinary name: here Favorite animated video of 1961: […]

Asia 2009 (in honor of Parrish)