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Unexpected Cosmologies

I’m a believer.  I believe in numbers.  In textures and lines.  I believe in shadow and light.  How the grade of darkness is sometimes tied to the word value. I believe in beginnings.   In origins.  I believe in ruptures and faults.  In borders and intersections.  I believe in pattern and chaos.  Sitting in a restaurant […]

Amazing, Grace!

I must share the many costume changes to which the stunning Grace Jones treated us at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend. Oh, and don’t miss the back view of that red dress.

Thursday Playlist: Summer stuff

Thanks to a recent birthday, I’ve acquired a few new books. I’m very excited about them. Has anyone out there read any of these and care to offer an opinion? It’s kind of an intimidating stack, but what a lovely way to get through the heat of August. Air conditioning and a great book. What […]

This is “classic”

I love this, but I don’t “know why.”

Crack House Diary: Goodbye Ten Cents and Cain

I emerged from the womb of a fourteen-year-old girl.  She had gotten into some trouble in the tiny Mormon community of Raymond, Alberta, where our ancestors had gone to practice polygamy outside the long reach of the US government.  The fourteen-year-old womb belonged to my aunt, a small-town beauty who for reasons she has never […]

Sunday fair

I stumbled across a little fair this past Sunday – or, more correctly, a feria. There’s something about teeny little fairs with rickety-looking rides that I find quite charming, and this one was no exception. What’s not to like about a fair that has a child-size bucking bronco machine? You apparently had to be an […]

A proper biscuit for Charlie

Charles Addison Smith Waterman. Arrived in NYC, 25 July, 9:05 pm. 8 lbs 6 oz. 20 inches. Mom’s chin, dad’s nose.

The Monday Photo (“I’m just back from ‘Thor’s Thunderama’!)

“Hard-to-get-off layers”

Fascinating cultural artifact — Happy Pioneer Day! (Hat tip to the Turley sisters.)