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The future was amazing!


Mullet with headlights

This was already one of my favorite ’80s songs. But THIS is classic. [youtube][/youtube]


I recently donated my car to a local NPR station. It was a champagne-colored 1993 Saturn with more than 123,000 miles.  I just don’t know how many because the odometer broke last year. I will not replace it.  I live in a neighborhood and a city with plentiful mass transit options, a bike-sharing program, and […]

Sontag seminar discussion questions

“Something new each weekday.” To that end, Susan Sontag in Aspen magazine: Every era has to reinvent the project of “spirituality” for itself. (Spirituality = plans, terminologies, ideas of deportment aimed at the resolution of painful structural contradictions inherent in the human situation, at the completion of human consciousness, at transcendence.) In the modern era, […]


Ever think our society suffers from Multiple Identity Disorder? Me too. Sure, Prop 8 was upheld by the California Supreme Court, but L.A.’s Fairfax High elected a gay prom queen this week.

I still say the answer is socialism

Must-read New Yorker article on health-care costs and quality.

Bonus playlist Wednesday: soul food edition

Remember the theme mix? Used to be something you crafted over days or even weeks, linking up lyrical motifs and musical patterns into a coherent whole that explored an idea or told a story. Searchable databases have changed all that. Now I can type any word into iTunes—say, “book”—and get a perfectly bookish playlist that […]

Asia, 1989. Part V: Miss Kassy and Teapot

April 19:  First order of business: to the Chinese consulate to pick up our new visas. Then, back at Kowloon, I once again fall prey to the people-eating credit card phone. I call Karen, who I haven’t spoken to since last summer, despite repeated attempts from Moscow. For 10 minutes or so, we scream at […]

The Monday Photo (Memorial Day)

“One model is that the credit card companies are lying to you”

Pity not those motherfuckers, no matter what their shills say on teevee. (Via Yglesias, who really should be more radical than he says he is, with all he knows.)