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The big blues marble

I first heard about global warming in the early ’80s. It was reported on by a local newscast, probably WPIX. I remember the jolly, post-story wrap up: So New York might be as warm as Florida one day? Wow, that sounds great! To recap our top story: beloved Yankee, Reggie Jackson, was traded to the […]

“Or opposite marriage”

The next front in the persecution of God-fearing Christians: Miss USA pageant.

Better than leading bars with hex-a-chlorophene

For your Tuesday pleasure, a smattering of old TV commercials starring not-yet-famous stars. John Travolta, soaping up with a few fellow young actors in the shower: [youtube][/youtube] Brad Pitt, snacking on Pringles and checking out the ladies: [youtube][/youtube] Keanu Reeves, flexing his magnificent acting chops as a dancing, thieving waiter: [youtube][/youtube] Morgan Freeman, going all […]

The Monday Photo (Jeff Koons as Art Agnos)

“You know Harv, your whole rap’s a real downer.  You talk a lot about what you’re against,  but what are you for?  In this town you gotta give ’em a reason for optimism or you’re cooked.”

Expand your vocabulary in seven days!

As you know from your thorough reading of The Great Whatsit, Stella, and other whatsitters subscribe to’s Word for the Day. Stella would like to propose a word for the day for the next week from common British usage that she’d like to hear more of in the independent and very United States of […]

“Way too complicated”

So this is a little bit juvenile, but also hilarious.

Do we?

need religion?

Let Obama make you a radical

Things were really bad during the Bush years, with criminals and sociopaths in charge of the country. One consequence of this was that a lot of previously reasonable, moderately left people became radicalized, at least to some extent — deciding that if the country could invade two far-off countries for revenge, torture dozes if not […]

Recipe for a spring afternoon.

Put on some music; don’t bother with the dishes. Clear a space on the counter to do your chopping. Prep the large globe artichokes you bought at the Sunday farmers’ market: trim stems and sharp leaves. Set them in the pot to steam. Meanwhile, chop the cabbage, onions, garlic, and apples for the Warm Red […]

A moment of silence for EKS

Thank you, Eve Sedgwick.