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Charlie White, a Los Angeles Artist.

How to Eat Fried Worms

One of my favorite books growing up was How to Eat Fried Worms, the story of a 10-year-old boy named Billy who, on a bet, must eat 15 worms in 15 days. At first, he can barely choke them down, even though, as Amazon summarizes it, “Billy’s friends cook up these fat juicy grubs in […]

The Monday photo (parkslope sublime)

See how long you can listen to it

AWB and I went to hear another Satie piece last weekend and were treated to a bonus performance of (only an hour of) “Vexations” on ten toy pianos. Here’s a bunch of non-piano performances, including one of our favorite FMU DJs at a music lesson. Bonus: Dan Deacon explains his setup.

Things are worse than you think

That’s what I got from this long, must-read article by Simon Johnson. It freaks me out to hear former IMF chief economists sounding like radicals. (Via Apo.)

Spring break: the cheez-it and guinness edition

This week was officially Spring Break. The boys were off from school. I took time off work. While the March grey weather blew dead leaves and dirt clods from the tops of a few shivering crocuses, we stayed in our house and relaxed. No Florida, no skiing, no “stay-cation” exploring the undiscovered neighborhoods of our […]

In sheep language, “wow” is spelled “baaaaa”

Go watch this video. (I’d embed it but it’s way better at bigger size. Via 3QD.)

Thursday Playlist: Repeat repeat

Hello Internet people. Welcome to another edition of Thursday Playlist. Here is a collection of some of my all time favorite tracks. Hope you enjoy. Until next time, xxx E. Tan 1. Chromatics – Night Drive 2. Atlas Sound – Recent Bedroom 3. Yoko Ono – Walking on Thin Ice 4. Fantastic Baggies – It […]

Children of the Grave

“Hm, I wonder what my college roommate has been up to?” I idly thought. Oh, so this is what the Internet is for (probably NSFW). [youtube][/youtube]

Is this thing on?

A discussion over at Crooked Timber about why some blog posts get lots of comments and some hardly any.