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“Crescit eundo”

I always thought New Mexico’s motto was a little odd, but it’s not the worst. Here’s a map.

A corrective view

Howard Machtinger, former Weather Underground member, writes a thoughtful critique of how the group went wrong. (Via Yglesias.)

How is your skeleton?

Bjork on Iceland’s economy. Sort of.

Fun for the George Will haters among us

He recycles lies to promote a global-warming conspiracy theory on the op-ed page of a once-great newspaper. (In somewhat related news, “Sea-Ice Albedo” would not be a bad band name.)

Album Review: Cougarship: Psychokineteletransportion

Cougarship’s otherwise-exciting 2005 self-titled LP suffered from a lack of focus, as is too-often the case with self-produced debuts, that can only be attributed to a minor-league juggling of exorbitant inspiration. The Brooklyn-based duo of Kent Sprawling and Andy Milhouse has spent the meantime bolstering their electro-pop maturescence in support of more-illustrious but less-ingenious rockers […]

The morality of faith

In an article in the Guardian the other day I read the following from novelist Ian McEwan, who, it turns out, sheltered Salman Rushdie after the fatwa came out: Faith is at best morally neutral and at worst a vile mental distortion. This strikes me as exactly right. Clearly, based on my posting history here, […]

Mmm, breakfast

From the excellent “This is why you’re fat” website, a collection of gastronomic monstrosities: Sloppy Joe on a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Louisiana Gator Dog. Deep-fried smore on a stick. PS, Trixie: I only post on Mondays when I wake up to find no new post. Oh, Monday authors: where have you gone?

“I’m sorry you couldn’t make it tonight.”

Is this an elaborate hoax?

Love potion

I sat with my hands neatly folded on my black silk lap. Boots tucked behind the carved legs of a velvet chair, hair swept in a bun, ruffles in repose at the neck and wrists of a sweater far too fancy to be functional in any other setting. I sat as lovely and composed as […]

Another local history

Five years ago tonight some of the folks here at TGW got together  for an event in Washington D.C..  I had an opening at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.  While planning the exhibition I noticed this odd thing.  The opening was to fall on the 10th anniversary of the death of the American artist Donald […]