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“The consequences of poor behavior”

Don’t you love it when social conservatives accidentally say what they really think?

Loops of grandeur

When I was in ninth grade I got a “C” on a spelling test. I was outraged. I responded by wielding the power of the press and, as editor of the school newspaper, wrote a scathing editorial about my English teacher’s unfair grading practices. The issue was not to defend my spelling, although in fact […]

Totalitarian kitsch

Interesting slide show from the Times.

No one should sing Joni Mitchell but Joni Mitchell

A slideshow given at a 1975 Star Trek convention to illustrate Spock’s dual nature.

Thursday playlist: A bit of everything, except red meat

So since I've only been posting a lot of music here on Thursdays, my playlist today is a series of other things I've been “diggin” lately. And I suppose some music. Here follows a rather personal peak into some of my recent pleasures. Be kind. Shows: Top Chef (Season 5) – Nothing to say, it […]

Assigning, Responding, Evaluating

Ch. 1: Topics for exploration Dear Student, What is writing? Well, what isn’t writing? Consider this: it is possible that every thought you’ve ever had is a form of “writing.” Or maybe that’s not it at all. Confused yet? That’s because writing is hard, but sometimes fun. Really, sometimes writing sucks. Or does it? Here […]

I’d like to spank the Academy, redux

Random thoughts on the Oscars, in the style of a 2006 post. 1. So glad The Curious Case of Bradjamin Pitton flopped! I’m no Pitt-basher, but all his best work in this movie was done by the makeup department. Seriously, his facial expression never changed in the entire 5 hours and 27 minutes of the […]

Ebay item of the week: Male dog diaper pattern

SEW a Male Dog Belly Band Diaper and Dog Bandana !!! What’s great about this is that it’s (1) easy to sew (“Even absolute beginner sewers can make this belly band and matching bandana [sic] in LESS THAN ONE HOUR!”) and (2) matching — you can make a belly band AND a bandanna, basically a […]


The Brits have long been titillated by the naughty and the vulgar.  “You are awful, but I like you” was a famous sitcom catchphrase from the 1970s and sums up our collective guilty pleasure. This attitude is being taken to a new 21st century height.  The country is obsessed with a working class woman who […]

. . . well we almost missed it . . .

So I’m going out on a limb here, doing this without Dave’s prior approval.  But secure in the knowledge that he DID ask us all for a list of enthusiasms today, and, apparently, none of us have any. So that we don’t add another day to our TGW “missed list” (having only ONE in like […]