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Two views of the speech

Krugman’s column of yesterday; Billmon’s post of the day itself. (Y’all are reading the resurrected Billmon, right?)

Stella’s inaugural adventure

Stella had a silver ticket from lovely friends.  Like Charlie winning the golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. At 6am, she could see the patch of grass on TV where she would shortly stand. It was cold, so she dressed appropriately. Stella walked along U Street and admired the Obama art. Stella and […]

I was wondering how they did that

Freezing cold is terrible for instruments, especially stringed ones; wind makes mic placement tricky. So they faked it.

Thursday playlist: Best of 2008–Music for making dinner with friends

Happy New Year! And what a glorious New Year. Hooray for our new President! And for the mad possibility of a better world. More love, less fear. Dare we say, hope and progress one last time? We do dare. We are near drunk with it. Damn the hangover. And it's time once again for that […]

The real problem with Benjamin Button

Brilliantly pulled together by the fine folks at Funny or Die.

And so my political-blog obsession comes to an end?

Like many of you in this latest political season, I was enthralled by the incessant hour-to-minute-to-second news cycle, constantly clicking refresh on my favorite news sources and blogs, from The Huffington Post to FiveThirtyEight to Matthew Yglesias to Salon’s Glen Greenwald. My consistent obsession, though, was Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish—but not because his blog is […]

White House blog

This would have been an SNL parody anytime in the past eight years, but it’s a reality now.

Inauguration day

It’s a historic day for several reasons. Most obviously, because a black man is being sworn in as president. As the guy from Oakland astutely notes in last weekend’s This American Life episode (around 48 minutes in), Obama’s no Marcus Garvey or Martin Luther King — if he represented that kind of change, he’d never […]

Painting after the “Death of Painting”

Around 1974 the Los Angeles based artist Edward Ruscha quit painting.  For two years he made nothing but drawings.  These years  were the bottoming out of what can be officially recognized as “The Death of Painting.” “Painting is dead” is an idea that had been building in the art community since the early 1960s, perhaps […]


With only a couple of days left, will Bush come clean? (Via TMK.) Here, a more serious reckoning. (Via robertainnc.)