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An ordinary evening of unexpected sequence

If I choose any evening, any ordinary evening, I will find that an unexpected sequence has led to an unexpected result. This evening began with long underwear. My son, who attends college in Minnesota, called and said that he was freezing. Could I send him some long underwear, please? I had suggested thermal-lined everything when […]

Karl Rove

This just in . . . Karl Rove is bashing Obama’s “work ethic” Now remember ROVE is from UTAH. This is just more slice and dice, pit the blacks against the jews against the queers against the mormons against the christians. Just don’t touch us White Boys!

You are entirely justified in being vexed in such a situation

A surprising and perhaps useful book by Edward Gorey. (Via Wolfson.)

Thursday playlist: Bach, Bach

This week’s playlist forces me to write about something I know very little about. That’s not entirely unusual, of course, since this is after all a blog, but I want to be clear that I’m not even remotely an expert on this subject. The subject is how different musicians interpret Bach in performance. OMG, you […]

2008: top-fives

Some of mine… Film: Let the Right One In (Sweden) Synechdoche, New York Tell No One (France) Milk The Dark Knight TV: The Wire The Mighty Boosh (British import: DVD) Gossip Girl The Daily Show The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric Music: Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago Atlas Sound: Let the Blind Lead […]

This just in

John Updike, R.I.P.

Games people play

For my birthday, my brother likes to give me throwback gifts of one kind or another. One year, it was Sea Monkeys.  One year, a chia pet. One year, it was a compilation CD of songs we listened to as kids: Flashlight, Groove Line, Rubberband Man — ’70s classics that still sound surprisingly fresh. Last […]

Presidential appearance

Errol Morris discusses photos of George W. Bush with three photo editors.

The third annual Whatsies

Well, that’s another year under our belts, with plenty of changes in the world at large and on the site itself. For a brief summing up, let’s hand the mic to Jeremy: So this year TGW was memorable for several things. First of all, of course, it was an election year–The Election Year–and so, it […]

Another one for Asa

Fantastic Contraption. I made a really suspenseful one.