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A New Year Biscuit

Come on ovah! What ah yuh doin’ for New Year’s?

Green mountains turn white

Swells and I are enjoying a week in southern Vermont.  We went on a stroll through the forest yesterday, and were amazed by the GREENS: And if things weren’t wonderful enough, five inches of pure white brilliance blanketed the area this morning: Here’s to a magnificent new year…

Further thoughts on cult construction

make it big, silly, and rickety . . .

Video to audio

Did you ever want to rip the audio from a Youtube video? Now you can.

Welcome to Delaware!

RB and I drove to Delaware on the day after Christmas to see her family. She has an aunt and uncle who live there, and her parents came for the holiday too. We drove from DC, where my brother lives. Here was the view from the car for the whole trip there: Miserable, wet, windy, […]

The Monday Photo (testing, testing . . .)


Hoping you get everything you desire for the holidays.

Dave’s Top 20/Bottom 10/Questionable 5 for 2009

So back in college, I worked for an off-campus student paper that some of you are familiar with. One of our longstanding features was a Top 20/Bottom 10, a concise and witty summing-up of the past week’s news. One of my favorite things about the feature was that the format made you focus on good […]

It’s coming on Christmas

[youtube][/youtube] Here’s a little Christmas music to tide you over until we can get a 2009 mix together. 1. John Fahey – Joy to the World 2. Joan Baez – I Wonder as I Wander 3. Joni Mitchell – River 4. Vashti Bunyan – Winter is Blue 5. Odetta – What Month Was Jesus Born […]

Xmas mishmash

Merry Xmas, Whatsiters! For today’s post, a mishmash of virtual gifts for you, culled from various websites over the past week or two. First, a spirited rendition of What English Sounds Like to Non-English Speakers. Italian singer Adriano Celentano wrote a song with nonsense lyrics intended to sound like English, then shot this fantastic video […]