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Drop the freaking ball already!

What’s up TGW!  Long time, no post, what? In the veritable interregnum between my TGW posts, a great deal has transpired, both personally and in the world at large. I have done the ultimate cross country trip, moving out to New York and back to my beloved San Francisco in a matter of months.  I […]

The deed is done

Some readers — notably this one, this one and this one — thought this day would never come. After the catastrophe of discovering its soft top leaked like Aldrich Ames, after the horror of finding the top wouldn’t go up and down properly, after the fright of the ill-fitting valve cover, I have finally seen […]

Whatsie time [hold, minor chord] again / Whatsie time [hold, minor chord] again

Well, we’ve made it nearly another year with this thing, which means it’s time for some self-congratulation, some self-doubt, a little self-loathing, and, of course, another round of Whatsies. For the Whatsies this year, we’re inviting anyone who reads the site to send in a paragraph or more about the highlights of the past year […]

Happy Boxing Day

Now Christmas is over, we can celebrate Boxing Day.  But what is Boxing Day?  Post your guesses or just click through to the excellent description on Snopes.

Enjoy the season

I don’t know, I liked this a lot, and maybe it cuts the treacle a bit: [youtube][/youtube]

Early Christmas presents for you, or last-minute gift guide? You decide.

Have you noticed that low-cost 1980s-era gifts are back all over the tee-vee set? I know that they re-appear nearly every Christmas season, but this year they seem really ramped up. Is it a sign of the recession, or simply cheesy nostalgia? Who knows? Who cares? But those annoying commercials everyone loves to hate are […]

The latest in multipurpose religion, courtesy of the mailbox

I got a letter in the mail. Not unusual; it’s from a group of churches based in Tulsa, OK, though the address is printed on tiny font on the back of the envelope at the bottom. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable and several small, irrational fears pop up. Since when did churches have […]

So, the truth

So, the truth: it’s 1:21 AM and I’m in a Kinko’s because I didn’t bring my computer with me on Christmas va-cay. I’m a little snockered on limoncellos and well, limoncellos and some guy named Loomis (which, by the way, I’m totally gonna use that name as either A) the name of a Miami homicide […]

Hearing what you think, wondering what you heard

I had one of my weird Buffy the Vampire Slayer moments this week. This happens when ordinary life collides with pretend life and I seem to be the only one who notices. It is unsettling, like waking up and walking around only to wake up again and realize that the first waking was a dream. It started with the […]

Thursday favorites: Falling apart in Wisconsin

Hi all. I’d like to use the Thursday slot for talking about a movie I like a whole lot. My favorite movie ever? I don’t know — I could probably find other movies I like “as much” or even “more”. But I will say I think this movie is as good, as fully realized, as […]