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Voting right

If I become a citizen in 2012 I might qualify in time to vote in that election.  Perhaps I’ll be voting for a second Obama term.  In the meantime, I’m a resident alien who votes in absentia in the UK. I think voting is really important.  The political system might suck, but in most countries […]

Thursday Favorites: Google 2001

In honor of its 10th anniversary, Google has made available its oldest search index, from January 2001. Meaning, you can search here and find exactly — and only — the web pages that were available on that subject at that time. If you 2001-Google “Paris Hilton,” for example, you get 1,440 hits, nearly all of […]

Swim, Eddie! Swim!

Sitting in my hometown movie theater with a racing heart and sweaty palms, I must’ve been about 10. Jaws II was playing, and my young imagination could imagine nothing scarier than a GREAT WHITE SHARK. In one of the scenes that occasionally replays in my brain-cinema, a teenage couple is out on a boating date […]

I thought I was done with this

Well, I guess without people getting emotionally ambushed by blog posts, the Internet would pretty much shut down, wouldn’t it? Ben Wolfson, of all people, has stepped up the political blogging over at Unfogged recently. On Sunday he posted about California’s Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment that would revoke the newly recognized right to contract […]


Between then and now

This has not been a banner month at our house. Work, for me, has been stressful. I have tackled a project that is more unwieldy than I assumed, it keeps sliding through my grasp and the chinks in my expertise. Details accumulate like mushrooms, popping up in the vast expanse of what I don’t know […]

Thursday favorites: What it’s like

It’s hard to find powerful figurative language. A good metaphor or simile needs to surprise you, either by describing the same old thing in a brand new way, or else striking a chord of recognition, putting it in some way that you immediately know is just what you meant but you never knew exactly how […]

Answer me these questions three

Please forgive this punt of sorts but my post on opera was gradually growing from a Puccini one act into my very own Ring cycle so offer up your answers to these political teasers whilst I struggle on like Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald himself. #1) How exactly does Obama win? I’m not saying he doesn’t, his […]

Surf’s up!

Have you ever watched surfing on TV? You see those buff guys gliding across the glassy water and think, “That looks easy! And fun!” Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. Then I took a lesson. RB and I went down to Santa Monica last week to try our luck in the roiling Pacific. Tip #1: […]

This is still not good

The TED spread over the past month: The TED spread is basically, as Wikipedia says, “an indicator of perceived credit risk in the general economy.” On Friday, after the House passed the $700 billion bailout, the measure saw a record close of 3.86. (Higher means more perceived credit risk. This high, any economist will tell […]