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Remember, remember the 5th of November

On my first Halloween after I moved to the U.S., it took me at least half a day before I realized there was neither a priest nor a nurse employed at my workplace. I had not understood that (a) Halloween could include any fancy dress costume and that (b) one might wear such attire to […]

Thursday playlist: We go BOOM

So Nathan and I were practicing the other day (practicing what? Read on!) and he started telling me about a new show he’d heard on WFMU, The Acousmatic Theater Hour, and a performance poet they’d played, Caorline Bergvall. She’s French-Norwegian and really fantastic, as you’ll hear in the piece we’ve included in this playlist. It’s […]

This little Marxist goes bourgeois

Part 2: Born to be mild I’m not a car guy. But when presented with the opportunity to race a Ferrari out in the English countryside, I couldn’t resist. Who could? After signing in, we checked out the safety equipment. As you could see, they were ready for any size and shaped skull. I was […]

Silver linings

California’s Proposition 8, already the subject of such a great comment thread, looks like it’s going down to the wire, much less predictable than the presidential race. Should we start a betting pool? Meanwhile, Idaho Mormons were asked to make calls in favor of the proposition, then told not to. Are nosy, churchy Idahoans not […]

What to wear?

What’re you gonna wear for Halloween? Who will you be? Who did you want to be… but never were?

“Whenever you’re feeling good and hungry . . .”

I have been working in Cincinnati, Ohio for most of the past two weeks. I have been busy. I shuttle between a hotel room and an offsite training location and my meals are on the run – Starbucks, Wendy’s, McDonalds or a ham on rye and sweet tea from a chain deli across the parking lot. I […]

The angel and the whore

I was traveling in an extremely red area, listening to the radio, when I heard a most peculiar political ad. [Female voice]. Hi, I’m XXXX. I’m a Palin conservative, running against a Pelosi liberal. That’s right. She’s a Pelosi liberal, I’m a Palin conservative. [Repeat chorus several times]. End. Okay, so I was initially stunned […]


You never really see it coming. You have a feeling, but you brush it aside – you’re too comfortable in the current circumstances. Those closed-door meetings, the feeling that your colleague is trying to tell you something as you stay after work and watch the debates together. But you chalk it up to other things […]

Campaign foto fun pak!

Hey, kids! Tired of fretting over the presidential race? Me too! Ready for some fun with campaign photos? I thought so! Which of these photos from the campaign are real? And which ones are fake? Can you tell the difference? 1. (a) Is this a real photo of Barack Obama’s family? 1. (b) And are […]

Virtual Tours with Rogan’s New Hobby.

Scott Haefner Shows his Stuff This semester I taught an Integrated Learning studio for Otis College of Art and Design.  I co-taught the class with Sandra de la Loza, an excellent Chicana artist working here in Los Angeles.  We brought a small group of students to Laton, a tiny rural town in the heart of […]