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The mud-colored water of Silver Creek — The Creek, though we pronounced it “crick” — would turn your tightie-whities red, the color of Arizona red rocks, the color of pueblo clay. Stains that would never remove. And so you’d score points with your mother if you took them off and left them somewhere else while […]

Murder, mayhem and music: part two

They say you are who you are by the age of three. My grooves were formed to a Martin four-string guitar. I fetched the case, set it down gently and lifted the top without touching the instrument inside. Only my father could pick it up and sling the strap across his shoulders, resting the cherry wood curves […]

Thursday playlist: murder, mayhem and very bad decisions

When Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds recorded Murder Ballads in 1996, I thought it was scary but incomplete. He managed to capture the horror but not always the beauty of this folk genre. With respect to Nick, I have attempted to put together my own playlist from a collection I have assembled over many […]

Whatsit Libs

A couple of weeks ago, my lovely partner and I sent a giant book of Mad Libs to my nephew, Ben, as part of a birthday package. This morning I was thrilled to hear from my sister that Ben and his sister, Carolyn, have been in nonstop giggle-fits over such adjectives as stinky and slimy. […]

If the shoe fits

Last year, my relationship of nearly 10 years ended. I moved to LA, and six months later began dating someone here. It didn’t work out. It didn’t even come close, really. Then, just recently, I started seeing someone new. Her name is Randi. I liked her right away. She’s funny, smart, warm, attractive. A writer. […]

WOW!: A conversation with Sam Amidon of Samamidon

I’ve seen the band Samamidon perform twice in about as many weeks. The first show was at Mercury Lounge, where they shared a bill with a number of other acts, including Doveman, a sprawling chamber indie ensemble that also includes both of Samamidon’s principals — the childhood friends Sam Amidon and Thomas Bartlett — but […]

Spring awakening

In elementary school, time was marked by the celebration of the seasons through the constant production of writing and artwork. You couldn’t esape the fact that it was autumn (falling leaves, chestnuts) or winter (icicles and snow—even though we rarely saw these) because they were all over the classroom wall. And then you had to […]

Thursday Playlist: The Breaks (Through, Down, Up, Out)

I started toying with an early version of this playlist several months ago when I was going through a breakup. Originally, it was a collection of tracks that I threw into an iTunes playlist – songs that either reminded me of the ‘good’ parts of the relationship that was ending, songs that fortified me against […]

With love on this special occasion

BTW, in addition to this triptych card I made for you, keep your eye out for the gift I ordered for you. Since it’s your “wood” anniversary, I got you this really cool “wazzUP?” woodcut. I hope you like it. Love, (and keep on KICKIN’ TERRORIST ASS!) Mr. S. Godfree

The speech

Read it, if you haven’t heard it. A few quick reactions to open the discussion: Holy shit. There hasn’t been a speech of this high a profile on the subject of race in America in my memory. It’s also probably going to be the defining speech of the campaign, and clearly one of the most […]