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Thursday playlist: I am still walking the line

This was the scene last Friday. (We’re standing in front of the building that blew up in “Die Hard.”) Why’re we all gathered? Because… Why we are striking? Because… We had a little help from the local cops… And because we are writers, there had to be some free food around, courtesy of the nearest […]


A walking tour through old Santa Monica: It is a lovely Fall day – the skies are clear, and it’s warm as summer. I work in a converted art gallery in the industrial area of this small beach town. I grew up here, but it doesn’t look or feel the way it did in the […]

A home for flip-floppers

A few months ago this video (Part 1, 2) came out, showing Mitt Romney talking on a right-wing radio show in Iowa about Mormonism and abortion. Romney was once pro-choice when he was runing for office in Massachussetts but apparently had some kind of conversion to the pro-life position once he’d been elected governor. As […]

Paul Franzoso, veteran

His parents passed through Ellis Island as part of the swell of Italian immigrants to the U. S. in the early 20th century, and settled in an area of New Jersey called the Lost Valley. Though his parents were poor, they raised eight children – one of whom was adopted because his father couldn’t bear […]

I walk the line

Strike fashions then… And now…

On apples and medicine and falling from trees

I fell out of a tree when I was in the fourth grade. It was a spectacular autumn day with leaves on the ground and a clear sky over-head—a day made even better by the fact that school had gotten out early for a local holiday. My closest friend and I had spent the day […]

One day of junior high school in the mid-80s in Redmond, Washington

I wake up to the sounds of 101.5 FM, Seattle’s top-40 station. Billy Ocean, perhaps. Or maybe Wham!, if I’m lucky. I am 12 years old, in 7th grade—junior high. I shower, brush my teeth, apply mousse. I attempt to select the right outfit—no easy task, as the incorrect combination can and will result in […]

You Be Bad

“I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.” – Anne Frank “People are inherently evil. Religion is the only civilizing force; without it, we’d all be reduced to a savage state, a state we’re really on the brink of all the time.” – My brother (paraphrased) My brother recently […]

Al de Lory Plays “Midnight Cowboy” and other highlights from the 2007 WFMU Record Fair

What do you get when you cross the aimless pleasures of vinyl browsing with the ecclectic sensibilities of the biggest, baddest, most ragtag freeform music station on earth? You get over 200 vendors peddling everything from Beatles 7″ singles to bins and bins full of super cheap albums, which to a more discriminating listener might […]

The Pirate Twins

One evening on the sands Mary found the pirate twins – so – she took them home and bathed them and fed them on this that and the other she taught them how to dress what ‘S’ stands for where to find Jamaica and the Milky Way how to dance and how to play but […]