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Three reviews and a video: What I did last week

[ A note to readers: There is no central theme to this post, besides what I’ve been enjoying aurally, visually and intellectually in the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy these short reviews as much as I enjoyed consuming the subject of the reviews.] 1. Radiohead: In Rainbows There’s been a ton of press […]


I’m not in touch with any of my high-school friends. I skipped my 10th reunion, and it’s too soon for my 20th, so I have no clue what any of them are doing. I am in touch with a handful of church friends from growing up — my church friends and my school friend were […]

What we eat

Just about everyone I know’s got a special food plan for the fall. One friend’s not eating gluten. Another gave up booze for a couple weeks. One fine fellow walked around with a sports bottle full of cayenne water and lemon until his eyes were red. Some other folks I know go South Beach periodically, […]


Favorite books recently read

The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Michael Pollan’s treatise on where our food comes from and the ethics involved in what we eat is simultaneously troubling, entertaining, and thought provoking. Twenty pages into the book, it will also have the careful reader considering every bite they put into their mouths. Pollan takes the mundane requirement of daily nourishment […]

Falling for fall

Autumn is my favorite season. Even though as a child I was not adept at the things associated with it (like football and school), I’ve always loved it. My feelings have something to do with the deep privacy I associate with the fall, especially when weighed against the summer – the season in which you’re […]

Ode to America’s Pastime

The scenario: Cleveland Indians vs. NY Yankees, game 4. Yankees are down 2-1, must win this game to stay in the playoffs. Watching the game in my living room. Inning 1: What the hell! The first Indian batter hits a home run. Yankees are in a hole from the very start. More hits, another run […]

Recipe for an Indian Summer holiday weekend*

In the spirit of holiday posts past, I offer up recipes — one for the perfect weekend, the other for something to eat throughout it. The weekend, first: 1. When you realize it’s going to be 87 degrees on Saturday, stop thinking “October” and head for the beach. You may have to drag your kids […]

Friday poem

I’ve had a poem on my mind since I was about 12. Each year at my school, a selection of enthusiastic English students would take the English Speaking Board exam for no special reason. It involved making a short presentation, acting an improvised scene with another student, and reciting a poem of one’s own choosing. […]

Thursday playlist: Classic rock

Beach Boys — “Do It Again” Voice of the Beehive — “I Walk the Earth” Camper Van Beethoven — “Eye of Fatima” Happy Mondays — “Step On” Velvet Welk Underground — “Sister Ray” George Jones — “The Race Is On” Rolling Stones — “Gimme Shelter” The Who — “A Quick One” Leonard Cohen — “Tower […]