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Lately, I’ve got a new bedtime ritual. Bath, brush, floss, all the same. But as I hit the lights and slide under the covers, I roll over and face something new in my bed: a portable DVD player. It’s a loaner from a pal, but I’m having trouble giving it back. Mostly because suddenly every […]

In memoriam: Captain Donald Taube (1942-2007)

I’m not the only one who can’t believe Don’s gone. Don Taube — some call him Captain Don — was a fixture in our seaport neighborhood. He lived on a ship in the harbor. He drank tea and talked and checked his email at Fresh Salt, our local bar. (He loved the cookies, too.) He […]

State of the United Kingdom

I’m closing in on two weeks of holiday on the rainy little island that is my birthplace.  I’ve been living in the U.S. long enough that England now seems like a strangely familiar foreign country.  The first few days were like being in a French & Saunders skit or an Ealing comedy.  People talk with […]

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, local politics and hope

I was living in Boston in the fall of 1992 When Bill Clinton was running for president against the first George Bush. In the final days before the election, he made a campaign sweep through the country that included Boston’s Faneuil Hall, only a few blocks from where I lived. Eager to see him and […]

A special gift

No one ever seems to notice that the U.S. has birthday after birthday without ever receiving a proper gift. Imagine how it must feel to be 231 years old and never once having gotten a birthday present – not even a Glen Campbell album that you already own, or a jacket you would never wear. […]

Hot air problem

Apparently this is the root of my predicament: Heat is mean molecular kinetic energy, meaning that the hotter something gets, the faster its little molecules are vibrating or bouncing around. As air gets hotter, the combined gas law dictates that it will expand if it can. (Those molecules bounce against each other more furiously, causing […]

On aging

The week my older daughter became a teenager, the Consulate of the Principality of Monaco called to say she’d won a round-trip flight there, three nights in a four-star hotel. These things would surprise me more if I hadn’t lived with her for the last thirteen years. This is new territory, and I’ve been dreading it for at […]

Luck be a lady tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the “luckiest” day in a long time (7/7/07 – triple lucky number seven). Every wedding venue is booked, pregnant women are taking long walks and eyeing the castor oil, Vegas is the center of the universe. Countless bloggers around the world are speculating what the formula might bring: conversations probably not much […]

Thursday open thread: Long Independence Day weekend edition

Pretend you don’t have to go to work today. Pretend you’re still celebrating with Trixie:

I celebrate and sing America

I realize that summer is not the best time for product roll-out. Andy Card reminded us all of that a few years ago, and his wise words are just as true today. All the same, President Bush’s recent commutation of Scooter Libby’s sentence, coinciding as it does with the Fourth of July holiday, provides me […]