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Sex talk

Guy I work with has a son named Jack. Good kid. Solid. 8-years-old. Asked his dad the other day where babies come from. Guy suspected his son already knew and was testing his dad to see how much truth dad would tell. Guy tells the truth, the graphic truth – penis this, vagina that. Jack […]

Berkshire weekend top 5

Though we originally hatched the idea of spending this weekend in the Berkshires with a plan to reprise our Bang on a Can fun at MASS MoCA, we quickly decided that Slade’s country house and immediate environs had more than enough to offer to keep us busy. Here are some highlights, the top 5, in descending order, written late […]


I’m in a state of heroine worship with JK Rowling right now. As demonstrated by the dedication at the beginning of the book, JK loves her readers, making her one of the few people in the world that deserves to be that rich. So, some quick thoughts after finishing on Sunday.

Rome, part 2: La bella figura

I am still trying to wrap my head around the concept of “fare bella figura.” It literally means “to make a beautiful figure,” but most people would translate it as “a good impression.” Truthfully, it’s a little of both—and it’s singularly Italian. In order to possess a bella figura, you must look put-together. If you’re […]

Would you rather …

I wasn’t presenting a particularly inviting picture today. Dirty and sweating in my shorts and steel-toes, I was hauling heavy bags of sand from the front yard to the back to make a nice little suburban patio in my nice little suburban yard. That’s why I was so surprised when a car pulled up across […]

A couple of things I did last week

Sometimes a blog is just a blog, right? And it can house a collection of fragments? And have lame post titles? Like LiveJournal? * * * I got to go to the opera last week, completely unexpectedly. My boss ended up with an extra ticket to the Kirov’s production of Die Walküre at Lincoln Center’s […]

Hogwarts Square diary entry (no spoilers!)

My favorite part of the Harry Potter series has always been its attention to media and memory — gadgets and goodies like Dumbledore’s Pensieve, the Marauder’s Map, owl-delivered letters (some of which actually scream at you if you’ve been bad), text books on Monsters that are themselves eager to bite you, memory charms, photos that wave to […]

I was a teenage grown-up

The bookstore in our neighborhood has been counting down to the release of the final Harry Potter book since January. We have stickers pasted all over our house proclaiming Snape to be either “a friend” or “a foe.” The hubbub will reach its apex today when the mall adjoining the bookstore will transform into “Harry Potter […]

Rome, part 1: Voi siete qui

Rome is everything you’ve heard and more. Compared to other European cities, it’s dirty, chaotic, and corrupt. It’s also one of the most glorious and seductive places on earth, a feast for the senses and the home of more beauty than anyone can comprehend. My partner and I recently returned from two fabulous weeks in […]

A fear of ink

I live in a land where just about everyone under fifty has a tattoo or three or twenty three. This will come as no shock to anyone who knows that I live in North America or, in particular, Long Beach, California. I don’t have any tattoos, which will also come as no shock to anyone […]