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Dear diary

Dear Diary: Sunday Got back from a destination wedding where two people with a great deal more clarity than I have vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. I am so happy for them, but can’t help wonder if I’ll ever be ready to do that. Having just ended a 9.5-year relationship with […]

Thursday linkage: All over the place edition

If you’re wondering whether our country is still more or less a democracy (let alone the kind of state that might help bring about whirled peas or whatever), you must not have read the Washington Post series on Dick Cheney and his frightening influence on the country these past six years. He’s been astonishingly effective […]

Wurld peese

What provokes your strongest reaction, dear reader, in today’s TGW title: the spelling or the idea? Basically, I wanted to avoid the pat reaction that some might have after reading such utopian words—world peace! (spelled correctly)—at the top of the page today.Well, what does happen to you when you encounter these words (spelled correctly)—on a […]

Envisioning real dystopias

One of these is bound to come true and make me look prophetic. Or at least it’ll get made into a movie with Ethan Hawke or something. Large- and medium-seized companies undergo a management revolution when they discover that reality-television-style competitions among employees have a dramatic (although short-term) effect on productivity. Sex-discrimination laws are changed […]

Montreal honeymoon trail

Just one week after several Whatsiters attended an intimate wedding on the oxygen-deprived shores of Lake Tahoe (for TGW commenters Bacon and Andrea), a number of us converged again on the banks of the St. Lawrence, in Montreal, for wedding number two: this time for the nuptials of TGW’s beloved Dr. Cedric Cedarbrook and his man G-Lock. Although this […]

Population 79

Once upon a time . . . we went into the woods. Not actually into the woods, more like a bluff or a field with a creek and scattered trees, definitely the Country. My family—my husband, two teenage boys and I—have loyalty, a spirit of adventure and a love for musical theater. So when an […]

Thursday linkage: Unspeakably awful music choices edition

Presumably you’ve all seen the Hillary Clinton spoof of the last scene of the Sopranos. Why Clinton would compare herself to Tony Soprano (and Bill to Carmela, etc.) is beyond me, but there you have it. Depending on how deeply you’ve sunk into the blogosphere, you may also have read that the deranged law professor […]

South Philly through your arteries

One of the things I love about music is how it frames one’s mental images about events, time and place. A song, album or band might remind you of an era in your life, say a semester in college or a particularly tough breakup; or of a certain activity, driving to high school in your […]

Space from above

Almost certainly I was the only passenger on the American Airlines flight from LaGuardia to Dallas/Fort Worth last Thursday who had taken a subway and an overcrowded municipal bus to the airport, only to be seated in the first-class cabin. My ticket had been obtained for me by generous friends with a surplus of frequent-flyer […]

Morbid Monday

Tony Soprano’s death (yeah, I think he got whacked) has been on my mind. Which lead to death being on the brain which led to a few internet surfs, which turned up the following… In 2006, Mexican consulates across the US recorded 10,622 shipments of bodies for burial back home. In Arkansas, immigrants can purchase […]