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The Great Whatsit

This weekend, we hosted a baby shower for a very good friend from school. In a last pre-baby hurrah, the mom-to-be finagled a day off and declared the shower would continue in the desert. It was the kind of spontaneous trip we used to do quite a bit, but haven’t in ages. We tossed our […]

Day at the museum

This week I helped facilitate a leadership seminar for a group of visual merchandisers from my company. We employ one “designer” per store; about forty from our region attended. They are a hip and enthusiastic group who enjoy their jobs, in spite of working in what seems a constant frame of paradox. Their job is […]

Thursday open thread: Actual open thread edition

This is Web 2.0, people. Be ye producers of content and not consumers only.

No pressure

Palm Springs is a town of low, flat roofs.  It is a white and brown and green and orange town with washed watery sky.  There are perfectly square neighborhood blocks where you can get lost on your bike.  Palm Springs has entirely too many golf courses.  It is a place to have drinks by the […]

Check up

A few months ago, moved by the common sentiments of the season, I publicly vowed to get into decent shape, learn to play my pedal steel, and get a career, all before the end of 2007. How am I doing? The get-into-shape part is actually, surprising, going fairly well. I joined a gym a month […]


1. The jogger A little over a week ago, my younger brother, a marathoner who lives in Arizona with his wife and two kids, was taking a routine morning run with friends when a car slammed into him from behind at about 60 mph. Knocked clean out of his shoes, one leg broken near the […]

The terrible truth about marijuana

I just got this txt message from my dealer: What a good guy. So have a happy 420. Here’s a 1950s propaganda film about marijuana. “Hundreds and hundreds of teenage boys and girls are becoming hopeless dope addicts every year. It’s fantastic.” PEACE OUT GREAT WHATSIT

Thursday open thread: But when the man dances…

Speak ye of what you will. But if you need a topic, accept this bleg. In a couple of months I’m DJ-ing the wedding of two friends of mine. The problem is, I am not really a DJ — that is, someone who can successfully make people dance by spinning records. I recently bought a […]

Duuum-bah-duh-dum …… daaah!

While attending a concert at a downtown arena, my then-boyfriend and I thought ourselves clever to have found a parking space on the street and thus avoid paying through the nose for garage parking. Prior to leaving his apartment, we put all our stuff in the trunk of his late-’80s Toyota Corolla, planning on continuing […]

A small thought in connection with televised tragedy

Horrifying and heartbreaking. The shootings at Viriginia Tech are as yet unexplained, a nightmare that impinged on reality. I can’t begin to imagine the shock and sorrow of the families and friends of the victims or the shattering of the campus community. Unfortunately, I won’t have to make the effort to imagine it. A promo […]