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Uncle Scotty’s stages of love

Given today’s date, I feel that the burden of finding something interesting to say about love (a subject that’s been kind of explored) has fallen upon my feeble shoulders. What can one possibly say about this, the tiredest of all subjects: love hurts; love is blind; I love New York in June? You see my […]

Notes toward prolegomena to any future consideration of Mitt Romney’s Mormonism

1. It should be remembered from the outset that Mitt Romney is running for president and stands some signficant chance of winning. Thus, he is a bastard. But how is this bastard different from all the other bastards? 2. In this season of non-standard presidential candidates, Romney’s Mormonism has drawn some comment. Damon Linker’s recent […]


It’s habit-forming, that 200-degree radiant heat Russian room. In the corner sits the furnace, an enormous stone room with a full-sized metal door. It looks positively medieval. Make your way up to the top of three tiers of benches that line the room and your nostrils will start to burn. Try to take in a full breath […]

Team America

I was struck by Bryan’s recent post on collective joy – with the observation that collective joy has been ignored and somewhat suppressed in Western culture. What has struck me, as an English immigrant to this country, is how much energy and enthusiasm y’all have for collective joy. It may not feel enough for Bryan, […]

On falling snow

For BRJ There have been a couple of great snowstorms in Omaha lately: not traffic-stopping, car-covering mountains of snow, but soft, six-to-twelve-inch blankets that require warm boots and lots of snow shoveling. “It’s my favorite day of the year,” I said to my husband a few weeks ago after waking up to a fresh snowfall. […]

Identity in a state of conflict

How much of your identity is rooted in geography? I’m from California, a place with a mythology so strong that reality can’t struggle its way into mattering, and it has a profound connection my own identity, whether I will it to or not. Stella’s recent posts about the United States, and Tim’s subsequent comments about […]

Frogs and mice making nice

With Parrish gone to a better place, who will do the periodic current-events roundups that made for such delightful early-morning reading? (And who will save us from the special hell of compound words and compound-adjective hyphenation?) Well, okay, I’ll do it. I begin with the weather. Here in Brooklyn it’s fucking freezing. Eight degrees Fahrenheit […]

Future perfect

The morning ritual at the computer goes like this: check the headlines, check the inbox, check the cover of the NY Post, McSweeney’s. Before I get to TGW or Go Fug Yourself, I check my horoscope. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Though you may not be out on a big adventure, you put your emotions into […]

Discovering Callas

Thursday mornings at our house begin with cell phone alarms going off every fifteen minutes, warm jeans pulled from the dryer, steam billowing from bathroom door and then with a sudden realization, we stop getting ready. Backpacks zip, briefcases open, we huddle in the foyer and compare schedules.   Tonight—Buffalo Wild Wings—who will drive from work? Who will pick […]

Let's not don't fear the reaper

I like stories about the breakdown of society. I've liked a number of post-apocalyptic films: The Mad Max trilogy, 28 Days, 12 Monkeys, Deep Impact, The Day After, AI, and The War of the Worlds. The problem is that most of them just never satisfy my hunger to see a true version of that horrific […]