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Older: a confession

On what I remember as our third date, I suggested that John and I see What the Bleep Do We Know? at the Beverly Center. We sat through the film, my head on his shoulder, but I had trouble paying attention. See, I had discovered (on our second date) that I was eleven years older […]

Oscars, the Grouch

The Departed? Really? The Departed was the Best Picture of the year? Oh, sweet Academy, now you’re just picking at the scab that had been festering since last year’s soul-sucking choice of Crash over Brokeback Mountain. Are we really gonna make it two in a row? Can someone please explain to me – without using […]

Our deli best

In a weekend of art fairs and Oscars, I sing praises to the art of the old-fashioned New York deli. We began our love affair at breakfast: two eggs, ham, and cheddar cheese on a roll. Two slices, enough to slide out the sides. Need to break the habit? Switch from a roll to wheat toast, drop the […]

Sweet peas

I just saw Amazing Grace, a new British movie about William Wilberforce, the MP and reformer who brought about the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire in 1807—yes, 200 years ago. Wilberforce’s portrayal is a little too saint-like for my taste (his laudanum addiction notwithstanding), but what struck me were the moments […]

Tales from the office

Murray and Esther For a 73-year-old retired man, Murray looked great. The first time I met him, I noted a thin and spry graying man on my exam room table who waiting excitedly for his yearly physical. And his attentive wife sat on a chair right beside him. That was the norm for my practice. […]

End comment

Jeremy — In many respects, this is a strong essay. Not only is your writing here effectively organized and thoroughly edited, your ideas are also well developed and supported by a number of detailed descriptions and examples, leading up to some rather revealing and provocative insights. However, while this is certainly high-caliber writing, unfortunately I […]

Socrates, yo

A couple of weeks ago a seven o’clock appointment a few blocks from work forced me to have an early dinner at a cheap Mediterranean place downstairs from my office. The only other customers were three college-age guys who were halfway through their meal. Their accents marked them as working-class, from some outer borough or […]

Primetime Britney

Not sure what your Presidents Day weekend activities are or were, but Friday nite, Britney Spears decided to take a tour of the lovely San Fernando Valley, stopping in at the Body & Soul tattoo parlor of Sherman Oaks where she (reportedly) got a couple of tattoos on her wrist (a pair of pink lips) […]

Physics is phun

I got a sticker in physics class tonight. I slid the paper name card out of the plastic name card holder and added a green florescent “great thinking” to the pink and yellow glitter “WOW” I won last time. This week I asked a question about distance and acceleration. Last month I was the only participant to take out […]

36 hours: Distraction, New York

I’m back! “Hollaaaaaa,” as my new Hunter College friends would say. Two months in Utah, three months in France, and one broken heart later I’m back in New York City. My year-long love affair with Coralie has sadly come to an end and once again I’m lone, lonely, alone. “Unrequited Love” is how Scott so […]